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It is sentenced to lifelong Dislikes | Nikolay Sobolev's history of the blogger from Russia

As in 23 years to earn millions on criticism of enemies and hatred of the audience

After visit of the Let Speak talk-show the Petersburger Nikolay Sobolev of all for few months has gained 2,5 million subscribers, having become the most fast-growing blogger in the world. His progress causes envy of colleagues, but also Nikolay, seemingly, never wishes to add fuel to the fire of general hatred. has found out, than Nikolay Sobolev irritates critics and the audience and as he earns millions on general condemnation.

Nikolay to success went

History of success of Nikolay Sobolev (it is necessary to say with unique author's intonation) has begun not with the channel of a name of which is record-breaking growing subscribers at all and not from superrating releases "Let speak" with Diana Shurygina, and from the comic project with social implication of Rakamakafo.

Nikolay considers himself very versatile personality: before conquest of YouTube he went in for martial arts, shook, sang on the stage and printed on the keyboard with velocity of light.

Having become the blogger, Sobolev, by own recognition, has decided to fight against indifference of Russians to people around though his coauthor Guram Narmaniya supported only cheerful draws of passersby. As a result the duet alternated amusing prank calls to picture "beatings" of girls and ostentatious warm attacks on streets of St. Petersburg and Miami.


Many videos of Rakamakafo really set thinking on the customs reigning in society, but the attention of the audience was drawn, of course, by a roller "Domestic violence", to be exact mystical emergence and disappearance of slippers standing the courier who has allegedly incidentally found beating of the girl. Sobolev and Narmaniya have preferred not to pay attention to criticism and have just uploaded a roller, having cut out an ill-fated fragment with slippers.

At the end of 2016, despite of the growing popularity and love 2,7 million subscribers, bloggers have closed a show to be engaged in own projects. Nikolay Sobolev movable by the most noble intentions has plunged into criticism of colleagues and discussion most the haypovykh of the conflicts of bloggers, and Guram was fond of producing of porn actresses on YouTube channel Popcorn Studio.

Savouring scandals

Today the company greeting of Sobolev (it is more correct nevertheless than Nikolay Sobolev) weekly sounds for 2,5 million subscribers. In each roller the nice young man with perfectly put speech meticulously investigates the next scandal in the world of video bloggers, being passed on several stars of YouTube at once.

"Tell me, please, which of them tries to inform though of something people? To lift education subjects, for example. Why to remove the blog from the museum or to tell about Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin if itself can just throw off the condom filled with water on the head?" — Sobolev is indignant, hinting at "works" of the popular blogger Yango (2,9 million subscribers).


Critics risk to come under fire any words and acts of colleagues which for some reason have caused his just anger. It is even better if all events vividly interest Internet community. Sobolev is ready to discuss naked photos and persecution of an Internet star of Maryana Ro (4,8 million subscribers), a lawlessness of participants of the social project "Lev Protiv" (799 thousand subscribers), tomfooleries of idols of 12-year-old school students from HalBer channel (1,3 million subscribers) and behavior of the most popular blogger Runet Ivangaya (11,2 million subscribers).

And he doesn't hesitate of the reputation of "yellow press" in the world of bloggers at all. Moreover, by hearsay, Sobolev actively develops a public "Life YouTube" (569 thousand subscribers) where the hottest news, rumors and, of course, virus rollers of top bloggers of the RuNet are daily published.

Glory through a show

At the end of February, following the accurate plan "to saw rollers on newsmakers", the author of the book "YouTube: Way to success. How to receive trucks of likes and ton of money" makes the strong-willed decision to make acute social video about the suicide game "Blue Whale". How to keep from temptation to click on such name: "All truth about the deadly game "Blue Whale". Why children wake up at 4:20? List of tasks, communication with the curator, full information on new deadly games. It is time to stop suicide of children"? Cutting of shots from news and retelling of several articles in media have brought Soboleva record eight million viewings.

Nikolay has quickly understood that he has come across the real pot of gold, and therefore with pleasure has agreed to take part in shootings of the Let Speak talk-show where he, on his own expression, "took away in time the microphone" from other guests and clashed with the main character of release — the 17-year-old female resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina.

The blogger allegedly tried to help Sergey Semenov condemned for rape of the girl, but as a result has shot the whole five videos about Shurygina and the relation to a talk-show, having collected three-four million viewings under each of them. Moreover, participation in "Let is told" has made Sobolev the most fast-growing blogger of the world: in only one and a half months the number of his subscribers has increased three times.


Nikolay inspired with success has started submitting the new horizons, having already managed to complain of illiterate school students in "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" and having distributed councils for education of youth at the closed meeting with bloggers in the Ministry of Culture.

Logical truth

Sobolev perfectly understands that not all inhabitants of YouTube have warm feelings for him, and is able to turn any scandal in own favor. For example, when the famous director of prank calls Andrey Afonin, he "AFONYA of TV" was up in arms against Rakamakafo (1,6 million subscribers), Nikolay has right there removed separate release with exposure of rollers of the rival.

It was hardly interesting to most of the viewers who is actually right, but loud statements have presented to Sobolev 1,4 million viewings and have struck serious blow to Andrey's creativity. Afonya in the corporate style has managed to sentence the opponent to "lifelong dizlayka", but viewings under his video systematically decreased since then.


And here Dmitry Larin Sobolev has lost a duel of rap clips with a star of YouTube totally. Having tried to break on the project Versus Battle, Nikolay I have fallen the victim of one of the main musical hits of summer. The borrowed motive at "Patimeyker" Larin has collected 17 million viewings and has much mocked at the opponent, and the well-aimed nickname "Kolya hater", seemingly, will never come unstuck now from him.

Sobolev's answer became the champion on number of dizlayk on his channel and has naturally led to trolling shaft in social networks. However, the blogger has all the same drawn to himself attention of the audience, and therefore for certain not too grieved because of constant jokes.

He doesn't worry and because of continuous charges of phrase-mongering, desire to gather more viewings on any resonant news and inconsistency. Having picked to pieces modern television, he in few months without ulterior motive has acted on Channel One, and rollers with furious condemnation of corruption in power at him adjoin to thanks to the Ministry of Culture.

Sobolev explains it with congenital thirst for all new and attempts in any way to inform of the opinion people around. But such answer suits not everyone that was fully shown during the visit

The leader Yury Dud straight off has begun to bombard the blogger inconvenient questions, has several times tried to catch him on contradictions and has in passing extorted that that monthly earns whether two, whether three million rubles on the rollers. Moreover, Sobolev, without hesitating at all, literally in two offers I have described the purpose of creation of rollers.

"I need to live on something. Each course, each step has been calculated from the very beginning, I have understood that it is the necessary format. Releases can come out often, it is easy to build in advertizing them. It is my business project, and it is successful" — he admitted and in a trice I have removed all questions of ill-wishers.

He doesn't hide that he saves up money for the three-room apartment in Moscow and wants to change with Mazda on more fancy car. And therefore silly to criticize him for the fact that he promises officials to bring culture to masses and right there shoots a video about the worst clips of bloggers. So far competitors like BadComedian watch tons of bad comedies, for weeks think out ridiculous jokes and collect 1,5-2 million viewings, Sobolev of time in several days criticizes all against the background of a wall and collects 3-4 million.

Also at all not he is guilty of it, and audience. Which with identical pleasure will look at it with video and will write in comments of "Kohl hater". Because it is fashionable.

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