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Borders in image

About borders C and D types of image let speak.

I remind shortly that the C-type is a type with soft features (a roundish oval, it is wide - the placed or big eyes, a small soft nose, chubby or large lips), to which there are also smoother outlines of a figure, a hairstyle form, styles of clothes and light, water color tone.

If the type doesn't feel the letter (that happens very often) or denies it (wants to be softer or more rigid, when the constitution other), he begins to ryaditsya in clothes of opposite type, to behave as opposite type, loses charm, looks ridiculously. If the person accepts the letter and builds on it all image, his charm reveals fully. All who read about image types in my blog well remember it.

You remember also for certain that to the head of C-type (externally) there are more democratic methods, and to the head of D-type more authoritative manner. It is connected with the fact that from C-type people wait for softness and when he orders, perceive it as hostility. And unconsciously expect rigidity and when it suggests him to help from D-type and to prompt, it looks uncertain and weak.

It is connected with the fact that rigid features of D-type create expectation of rigid personal borders in people, and soft features of C-type create expectation of soft borders in people.

But here what is rigid and soft borders the majority not really understand.

Many think that it is allowed to D-type to behave aggressively and his aggression is perceived well. No way. Nothing is perceived worse, than aggression of D-type if it is not protective aggression, not protection of the borders against attack. Offensive aggression is contraindicated to D-type in the relations, it has to separate, but not row. Rigid borders - it means that the D-type precisely knows where his territory comes to an end and where begins. He has to be especially scrupulous with borders, is very constructive and not to dare to put a leg on others territory.

Worst of all the D-type looks when it makes some claim. Rolling pins and nippers in hands of D-type seem more several times, any boundary bugs grow. As to nobody else politeness, a step and etiquette is necessary for D-type. He can't be let in long justifications, it will look as moaning. He can't long argue, it will look as entreaties to accept his point of view. The D-type has to divide very accurately borders and constantly ask itself a question at communication "this my business?" and if the answer "no" to keep mum or shrug shoulders, not to climb until his participation by something is justified.

What bonuses at such behavior of D-type? If the D-type has learned to behave in borders, it looks very authoritatively, very beautifully and strongly, causes awe and respect. The woman of D-type too, is less at all, frays also admiration. However it is especially difficult for women of D-type to learn to be restrained, women have got used to beg for something, to complain, be divided problems into something and to poke the nose into other people's affairs. Therefore beautiful D-female such rarity. Rare rarity. Most of the D-female look strashila (especially if bows are decorated also with pink lipsticks) and ill-natured persons (because any their discontent looks discontent in a square, any their tweezers seem pincers).

Beautiful D-male much more. Especially DMO. Usually reaches men that if they have large dimensions, severe features, reticence and restraint, a habit to stir less goes him and to do more. To be responsible for the words with acts. And here with DZhM the real ambush. - on fingers to count those who can behave as the hostess of the life (both to look also, and to put on, and to feel).

Far more simply to C-type.

If you were lucky to be born with pretty soft features (both men, and women) to you it is simple to be nice and charming even if with borders at you so-so. The your features, the more diffusion of borders to you are prettier and softer it is allowed. At C-types (especially children's) even some boundary bugs beautifully look! Not that they could have bad borders, it isn't present, but small boundary bugs at ideally made image of C-type cause affection in people around. Argues - what lovely and spontaneous! Swears? What hot! Complains? The sun, he is such sincere.

Once commentators wrote that it is image of VHI. No way! VHI (the tough, predatory guy) would look awfully at such behavior. And C-type, look, seemingly biliously behaves, thrashes the wife, sobs, and spectators have fallen in love with this image of Marlon Brando because it is beautiful and very lovely fellow, ideal C-type. To it it is a lot of, it is even allowed too much. It can break also others borders (to run, shout) and these are many will justify, will find pardonable. And to fill up the borders (to grovel at the feet, cry as the child) and these are many even the women appreciating strong men will find charming. From others it is inadmissible, and from it... for some reason normally.

Why it is so important to understand everything about borders of D and S of types?

If you D-type, especially expressed D-type (all lines of D-type are, literally a face of a bird of prey) you have to work on the borders and cherish them as the apple of the eye. Always to do a space from others borders and it is close to the anyone not to admit.

Only imagine VHI or especially DMO on the place of the hero of Marlon. The moron, the geek and the boor, and tears after the fight will make it even worse. As Tennessee Williams (the screenwriter of "Tram") has told: "Stanley's aggression performed by Marlon looks not rage, but excess of energy of a young animal". Tennessee was delighted with execution as all other numerous performers in this play, on different stages, looked rough psychopaths without charm, and he wanted to make more difficult image, not such unambiguously "bad".

And here when Marlon Brando played the officer in Sayonar, a part of his charm has just disappeared. He is reserved, well-mannered, quiet. Where rough manifestations of feelings? Where childish pranks and bright emotionality? The C-type looks the bore if is afraid to touch others borders and doesn't allow to touch the.

Charm of C-type are controlled transitions of borders. What I called diffusion of borders. Control helps to play with borders, but not to dance as an elephant in a crockery bench. But the C-type has to play with borders more safely. He shouldn't be silent and at the same time unsmiling. You like to be silent, so though smile more often. And if you don't smile, you tell something, learn to speak, joke, show nonverbal activity, be mobile. Put on so that there were many details on which it is possible to stop a look. You have to be bright and playful, only then your charm will reveal fully. You have to be as air and water, lungs as it is possible easier and even more lightly. There is to nobody an indifference as to you. Nobody is so spoiled by tediousness.

At all not that D-type. Clean all toys, don't make advances to anybody, stop to overstep others limits, to fawn, be insolent, joke inattentively and furthermore to justify oneself and be frank with anyone. Your borders have to be same accurate as an entrance to the palace. A beautiful door, sentries and if you invite someone inside, then you see off him there and you see off back. (Who will give examples?)

It concerns even VHI. Many think that VHI can behave as the unruly boy. But image of the hooligan and rebel doesn't mean that you can behave as street stuck, these are different genres. The revolutionary takes, but doesn't elicit and doesn't steal. To you there is no garrulity and stickiness. It is pardonable SMS and SMO, but not to you. You have to look dangerous, mysterious, closed, fatal and if you behave as the clown, your predatory lines and a VHI clothes will look marginally, silly, and absolutely not sexually and stylishly. As much as necessary you saw such "VHI" which look as bums from a garbage can, but not stylish men because putting on itself leather jackets and ripped jeans, behave as young idlers, but not real dangerous guys.

Borders, very rigid, very well divided is the main thing for D-type. It doesn't mean that he avoids proximity. But the proximity moments for D-type it something a special, exclusive, short-term, powerful, but not constant condition of borders.

And C-type on the contrary. The distancing of C-type looks as apathy, as cooling, as despondency. He has to be warm and open when wants to charm. As to nobody else it is important to C-type to designate, than it is dissatisfied what he wants that he feels. Not excessively of course, it isn't necessary to become absolutely sticky. But it is allowed to C-type to be slightly sticky and it is impossible to be too freezed. And to D-type on the contrary. The easy otmorozhennost to him goes, stickiness - by no means, even the smallest - No.

As for the mixed types, everything depends on what you have chosen. You do the D-image (clothes, nonverbal communication, behavior) you hold borders more rigidly. You do C-type, your borders have to become softer. To the mixed type it is slightly simpler, on it any jambs of borders look not so awfully, as on the expressed types. However if the expressed type does borders, ideal for the type, his charm becomes more, than at any mixed type. It turns out that the expressed type has more than the potential, but the limit for mistakes is less. And mixed - on the contrary.

The subject of borders in image is clear?

There are observations of themselves and others? You work with image? There is progress?

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