Monday, 10 July 2017

Siemens has rebelled because of the Crimea. Whether it is necessary to punish him?

So, the subject of delivery to the Crimea of turbines receives continuation. As you remember this year had to enter in Simferopol and Sevastopol two steam-gas thermal power plants on 470 MW who have to close a question with power supply of the Crimea which is cut off from deliveries from Ukraine. But in connection with sanctions there were questions on the equipment and in particular on the turbines Siemens. Different options were assumed. Very persistently rumors about purchase of the Iranian turbines went - means in this direction densely worked.

Then have been sounded in media of the data that Tekhnopromexport has bought four sets of turbines for power facilities in the Crimea in the secondary market, has carried out modernization of installations by forces of the Russian plants and engineering companies

And here now suddenly Siemens intends to file a lawsuit on involved in deliveries of his turbines to the Crimea and all ways to block start there of the units. Here you zht reptiles! Not only that they with clear conscience LEAVE PEOPLE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY, so also "spit in a well" from which drink? But whether it is time to remind them whose bread they eat including?

Here for example media tell that the management of the German firm Siemens does everything possible not to allow installation of turbines of the production on power facilities under construction in the Crimea.

"All measures are taken not to allow assembly, installation and use of the gas turbines Siemens in the Crimea", - I have reported to Reuters the source in the company familiar with a situation.

Moreover, sources declare that the question use of the equipment in the Crimea will be put forward at the diplomatic level in Moscow.

Plus to it the German concern Siemens intends to file a lawsuit on involved in deliveries of his turbines to the Crimea, has declared concern.

"Siemens has obtained information from reliable sources that at least two of four gas-turbine installations which have been put for the project in Tamani in the south of Russia, have been transferred to the Crimea against our will. Such succession of events represents obvious violation of contracts on deliveries of Siemens which forbid our client to do deliveries to the Crimea. Within the last several months our client repeatedly confirmed to us that delivery to the Crimea won't happen", - the German company writes.

Siemens intends to initiate criminal investigation concerning the responsible person. "Besides, Siemens will submit claims for the termination of any additional deliveries to the Crimea and return of already sent equipment back to his initial destination - Taman. As an alternative Siemens will insist on the termination of the transaction", - reports concern.

Siemens has also expanded borders of the investigation on deliveries of turbines to the Crimea - now it is conducted concerning all Russian partners. Siemens wants to obtain guarantees that his equipment won't be delivered to the Crimea in circumvention of sanctions, and also services in his operation, including the Interavtomatika company in which Siemens owns 45,7% won't be rendered. Interavtomatika has in writing confirmed to the German concern observance of these restrictions.

Why we can't install the turbine without Siemens? We have with them a joint venture in the territory of the country and we bring together them here? There is a lot of monitoring information on operation of the similar equipment goes straight to developers and they in literal sense can operate operation of units in the territory of Russia. And still I read information that for start of turbines specialists of Siemens with some keys or programs, i.e. without them a yak are necessary in any way.

On in vain now the government prepares the resolution on the ban of direct transfer of telemetry of power gas turbines to the service centers abroad. There will be Siemens, GE and Rolls-Royce to spend money for construction of the service centers in Russia. And it is correct.

And now let's remember as far as business of Siemens in Russia trusted?

In Russia Siemens works in all traditional directions of the activity (the medical and industrial equipment, power, transport, means of communication, etc.). The company is present more than at 30 cities of the country. At the same time the head of the company honestly admits - "We recognize a policy priority. We still adhere to it, and I always accurately spoke about it".

And we need to speak honestly - here to us favourably, work, and here to us it isn't favorable or not especially sensitive - leave just political reasons! In principle it very often becomes in other countries: preferences are received by either the suppliers, or suppliers from "the friendly countries" is a usual practice. It is time to bring Siemens in the end of the list and only if there are no options at all - let work.

Or to take for the rule FINE the companies, for violation of these or those norm of work in our country. Americans in the territory and more modestly Europe very successfully use this tool. And we have as always an expanse for any so-called free business - we have democracy and liberalism! And around the world action of these two words comes to an end where NATIONAL INTERESTS begin.

By the way, literally a few hours ago Peskov has declared that "... in the Crimea the turbines of the Russian production assembled from the Russian components really are installed"."

We will look, than everything will end...

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How you consider whether it is necessary to take measures of political character to contracts and works of the Siemens company in the territory of Russia?

Whether Siemens needs "to punish" restriction of activity in Russia?

Yes, have become impudent to the region! To resolve projects only very favorable to us!
No, to us without them not to cope

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