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Reflective clothing fashion, development and manufacturing + video jacket Nike

General interest in run, development of bicycle culture and street sport in the large cities has led to the fact that things with reflecting elements even more often appear in collections of popular brands of clothes. And not only sports focused, but also LifeStyle-brands like Supreme, Isaora and Vans.

Out who releases reflective clothes today?

Where you can buy?
For weather conditions from +5 ° to +25 °
Reflective Jacket

Reflective Jacket

The classical model of our raincoat covered with reflective pollen
what allows it to reflect light.
At daylight, fabric is similar to usual raincoat fabric of gray color.
The reflecting properties are shown in the dark, at directional light.

The raincoat well will be suitable for a warm, flying weather.
In the fall and in the spring in this raincoat it will be especially comfortable,
since because of feature of a covering he not so well "breathes",
but at the same time will keep heat.

At production of a raincoat we used waterproof membrane fabric which also doesn't pass water outside.

Reflective is the pollen applied on fabric eventually
she can be erased by places. Such is feature of a covering, but our high quality fabrics and your care, will give the chance to remain most long to a raincoat in an ideal look.

The reflective film was thought up in 1939 by the American company 3M and was used first in production of road signs. Later they began to be applied on cars to designation of their circuits in night-time, and then the technology reached also equipment of motorcyclists and athletes. Today  reflective materials of the company 3M are used almost everywhere — from a road marking and equipment of janitors to reflecting logos on Nike Gyakusou windbreakers and New Balance sneakers.

Reflecting things: How it works and who makes them?.

The technology in details differs depending on area and conditions of application, but in general the principle by which work reflecting (if more precisely, reflective) elements, following: the reflecting surface represents a film from a set of microscopic glass spheres (each of which in itself is a tiny deflector). The falling ray of light refracts in the sphere twice and as a result is reflected precisely in the opposite direction — towards a source. No matter, under what corner light falls on such surface, it always comes back in the opposite direction and at the same time isn't dissipated.

Who does
The bulk of reflecting things (orange shirtfronts and vests) falls to the share of janitors, firemen, repairmen,  officers and other occupied with night work today or connected with risk to be hit car. But the hostile urban environment demands and from ordinary pedestrians and athletes (first of all cyclists and runners) to show consideration for own safety, and more and more producers of clothes release things with reflecting elements.

Almost one and all brands focused on production of equipment for cyclists and runners release similar clothes. Rapha use light reflection in jackets and bags, Levi’s within the bicycle range Commuter release trousers with reflecting Selvage. (here from subcollars not to get to anywhere), Chari & Co. NYC release bags messengers together with Porter, other New Yorkers of Ice Cold — socks in reflecting peas, and the Lost Values brand — even scarfs and ties. Interesting approach to production of similar clothes is shown by the designers of the Japanese PEdALED brand using reflecting paint as imitation of attritions under knees at jeans and breaks on elbows at a jacket from a denim. At least reflecting elements and in motor-equipment — helmets, gloves, overalls and jackets meet the shining skulls.

Recently Vans Syndicate together with Carhartt WIP have released the line of reflecting gym shoes focused on skateboarders.

Reflecting things: How it works and who lets out them?

The designer Gui Becker safeguards not only cyclists, but also about effective appearance — the developed elastic band which is dragging away a trouser-leg bottom not only that reflecting, so also reminds winged sandals of the Greek god Hermes.

Practically on every fourth sneaker descending from the conveyor there is a reflecting element now. There are similar details at collections of the brands Isaora, Nike Sportswear, Undefeated, Burton. At last, Supreme and The North Face for the next joint collection have chosen light reflection as a header subject and have even tested jackets and backpacks on night streets of New York.

Perhaps, more actively than other sports brands the technology of light reflection is used by Nike. The windbreaker for run of Vapor Flash Jacket which is released in 2011 and the design of the classical Nike Windrunner model processed to the Olympic Games in London with reflecting elements became their most noticeable releases.

Concerning a light reflection subject, it is impossible to avoid the Stone Island brand which in production and development of unusual materials (including reflecting) has come further all. Massimo Osti has developed the first reflecting jacket (it and was called — Reflective Jacket) in 1991, and since then the brand develops this area more and more. So, by this spring of Stone Island have released a collection of light jackets with use of the material reflex mat reflecting light from the weakest source but also which is also vetro-and waterproof.

In Reflective Jacket the Japanese material combining reflecting (fabric is capable to reflect light even from the weakest source) has been used,
and also water-repellent properties.

Besides, several years in production of the SI jackets uses liquid reflective technology — liquid reflection at which the effect is reached at the expense of a dusting on a jacket at a final stage of production of reflecting elements. And at last, the most advanced development of Stone Island — a jacket from reflecting yarn (reflective knit) which a brand I have produced to the 30 anniversary which has happened last year. The pressed material consisting of the fibers covered with glass microspheres and bound with threads from polyester not only reflects light, but also glows in the dark.

Nike Vapor Flash (Reflective clothes) Jacket video:

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