Sunday, 9 April 2017

Steph Curry’s latest sneakers photos | Steph really out here selling the leather seats to an Acura

Nearly a year after his “dad sneakers” were mocked on Twitter, fans took aim at Steph Curry’s latest shoes/sneakers/loafers – the UA Curry Lux “Oxblood Leather.”

These came out on limited release in honor of South Carolina making the Final Four, and Twitter users made sure to give these the critical reception Curry’s other sneakers received.

Stephen Curry’s had a phenomenal career, but if he’s not careful he’s going to be remembered as “that NBA player with the horrible shoes.”

Last summer Twitter absolutely ripped apart the Under Armour “Curry 2 Low” for looking like dad sneakers, renaming them things like “Shuffleboard Lows” and “Danny Tanner Lows.”
Well, Steph recently dropped a new shoe, the Under Armour “Curry 3 Oxblood,” and though the criticism is slightly different, it’s no less overwhelming ... or hilarious. Here’s a sample of some of the reactions.

Stephen Curry proved that he remains the No. 1 name in dad shoes with his latest arrival, the Curry Lux.

Curry's limited-edition "oxblood leather" offering from Under Armour just dropped, and it didn't take long for Twitter to rip it to pieces.
"Steph just gonna keep dropping sneakers that look like Oldsmobile arm rests," one person tweeted.
"Steph really out here selling the leather seats to an Acura," another added.
This isn't Curry's first meme rodeo. The Warriors star took plenty of flak last year when he released his bland Curry Twos, dubbed the ultimate "Dad Force Ones."

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