Monday, 10 July 2017

Sufferings of long-distance truck drivers and American Diogenes

1. The Swedish company Einride is going to begin release of the pilotless T-Pod truck in 2020. The truck will have no cabin at all, it allows to release an occasional seat for freight. However many this device costed, it will pay off very quickly – the autopilot replaces five drivers working for 8 hours a day, and the salary of five long-distance truck drivers in Sweden will be just space

2. Professor from the USA believes that to live in a trash can – it is normal if properly to equip it. According to professor, dreams of own apartment or the house have become outdated, the youth has to get used to be content with small:

In the USA and Russia and in many other countries the seizing cult already, perhaps, has reached the peak. Milleniala deny traditional perception of housing as the subject to investment of capital, best and main in life. Partly probably they are forced to do it — education become more expensive, housing prices have got out of hand long ago … So we can become witnesses of bifurcation of the concept of housing in the near future: on the one hand, the real estate is an investment project, with another — just a way of receiving new experience. Now there are new versions of the solution of housing problems, for example koliving (a koliving — the room where the people united by some general idea — primas in common live. "House"). And the youth in your country can come to understanding sooner or later too that there is no need to invest in space for life, to apartments that is quite possible and it is necessary to be spent for something else.

3. Long-distance truck drivers in rage. Since December they are obliged to install on the car the special device which will control everything – from speed and the direction of the movement to character of freight:

Already 27% of owners of trucks have declared intention to stop the activity because of the new law.

"It will be a full collapse of all branch! Delivery of fuel, consumer goods, medicines – all this will rise! All this will lead to explosive increase in prices and inflation, and will win only large transport companies which will dictate to the market inflated prices" – one of leaders of protests against introduction of system of the accounting of trucks famous country singer Tony Spravedlivost so speaks. He has planned public actions of a protest for October directly in front of the White House. – "No to tyrannical control of small business from the U.S. Government!"

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