Saturday, 8 April 2017

The 11 Best Menswear Items

Nike Blazer Premium
You can never go wrong with a luxurious take on a classic Nike sneaker, and these are even more sophisticated thanks to their vintage-looking gum sole. — Jake Woolf

Bateman Zinc and Clay Mask
Wonder why you’re looking older these days and your girlfriend isn’t? Because she gives a shit about things like face masks and you, well, not so much. — Jake Woolf


Balenciaga Denim Jacket
A rare piece that Kanye West wore but might actually look better on you. — Jake Woolf

Falke Cotton Dress Socks
Resist your urge to go sockless this spring. Instead, pull on a rich yellow pair of dress socks. —Liza Corsillo

Shinola Large Carryall
The Detroit-based brand just released an addition to their line of luggage, this time made from sporty and durable nylon, so you can toss it around on your summer road trips and not feel even an ounce of guilt. —Max Berlinger

Engineered Garments Printed Shirt
Time to get your vacation shirt wardrobe in order and this one from Engineered Garments is where to start. —Liza Corsillo

Gant Commuter Bomber
The navy bomber from Gant’s bicycle-friendly capsule collection is breathable, waterproof, highly visible in the dark thanks to reflective details, and most importantly classically stylish. —Liza Corsillo

Carhartt Work In Progress Backpack
If you're not quite ready for the man purse trend, this backpack big enough to carry the essentials (a book, some gum, cigarettes) but small enough not to be cumbersome. —Max Berlinger

Vince Leaf Print Pocket Shorts
Some standout shorts for the guy who wants to commit a few hours to the beach, but doesn’t want to commit to a full floral vibe. — Jake Woolf

Urbanears Stammen speaker
The Swedish brand known for its headphones and earbuds just launched they’re first ever speaker line and it’s very Nordic (read: minimalist). Just a box that comes in various colors, that can be controlled by the knob on top, or, even better, by iPhone app. —Max Berlinger

Saint Laurent Leather Jacket
The quintessential high fashion leather jacket that has looked great since it first debuted in 2012, looks amazing now, and will look even better in twenty years. — Jake Woolf

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