Monday, 10 July 2017

Russia will restore "Object 787"

The first Chechen war has shown that in city conditions our equipment had some problems at opposition to a large number of bombers and to calculations of anti-tank guided missiles. At an entrance to the city our tanks were just thrown with Molotov cocktails and fired from windows. Cars which would be mobile were necessary, easily masked and would be capable to open powerful and exact fire suddenly.
Development of the equipment which could carry out any tasks in such conditions - was, but after the collapse of the USSR all works on projects have been stopped.

Later, the experience got as a result of the First Chechen War has set thinking and why not to take powerful and reliable T-72 and not to make on its base, something more suitable under conditions of city fight? Especially as the huge stock of tanks of this type allowed them to make conceived.

"Object 787" had to become that project which not just would be support of tanks, but also could carry out tasks which not in power to other equipment.

"Viper" has been constructed on the basis of the T-72B tank. For simplification and reduction in cost of a design her creators — experimental plant No. 100 — have refused guided missiles. They were replaced with two B8V20 blocks with aviation NUR S-8, on 6 starting in everyone. A box of blocks had easy bullet-proof protection. In addition to automatic guns the fighting vehicle armed with four machine guns — two 7,62 mm of PKT and two 12,7 mm of NSVT.

In 1996 the prototype has been created. Tests by firing have shown high efficiency of this car. The project has caused positive reaction also among the leading persons in the Ministry of Defence. Active advertizing campaign on radio and television has begun. However, similar actions by supervisory authorities have been regarded as "Disclosure of the state secret". Investigation by results of which, GSKB-2 was forbidden to carry out further work on "Object 787" has begun, and the prototype has been transferred to the ground in the Cuban for storage.
Now restorers work on car, and soon it has to fill up an exposition of the Patriot park situated near Moscow.

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