Wednesday, 12 April 2017

DANIEL W FLETCHER SS17 & AW17 | New Fashionable Collection


With an inauguration of the president Trump in January and a referendum of the EU last June, last two seasons of men's shows were more with the political background, than someone in recent memory - and during the London Men's Fashion week, for only a few weeks before Great Britain has gone to elections, no designer existed more frank about an exit of Great Britain from the European Union, than Daniel In Fletcher. While podiums were well under way in the main British Municipal center of Fashion in 180 Coast, outside on the street, Fletcher has organized a part meeting, representation of a part in a favor, the EU, with the models dressed in his Spring the Summer collection of 2017 holding posters, or the showing flags of the EU or the announcement over the head "Remains" in capital capital letters of the block. It was the movement of the genius - that which not only has brought together him, great attention from the street already develops photographers there to be enough stylish visitors for a show, but also and to place him separately as a voice for what would be 48 percent.

Now, nearly two weeks on from the British Article 50 of a call, Fletcher begins the collection of a protest in Freedom - the first British firm with stocks of finished goods of the winner of LVMH. Respectively called "Stay", we have an exclusive first view of a collection at which the designer shot - from the small help from the photographer Richard Douker - in beautiful, department of men's wear with wood panels below in the London department store. See all photos from hunting below, along with the choice of the original Polaroids of the designer taken set.
We have caught up with Fletcher before start to speak about clothes and whether his opinion on an exit of Great Britain from the European Union as he has broken the schedule of LFWM was softened.

Daniel In Fletcher: I felt that it will be fine shop. There are many British brands of heritage here that I feel that I arrange with a row. Observation of a collection together with a historical background of shop is something really good for me. In Svoboda Vy you see a collection absolutely in a different way. Even while it is the same collection, it has given him such various capture with traditional sheathing panels Svoboda. We have established installation during the night, and the space reflects a collection. When I have made Spring the Summer protest of 2017, to all of them have made flags of collection materials - those are suspended from Svoboda's ceiling.

I am not inclined to carry own parts, but there is a neoprene sports suit which I like to wear. It is so convenient when I am in studio, and it has this the 70th, feeling to him. It's cool.

When I have made a street protest, I had no budget to make, the show and a brand just began. It was during the referendum, and I wanted to tell something about it. It didn't cost me any money, and it has received the message there. It has sent much stronger message, than I am the doing normal fashion show. It really worked

I still feel so violently that we shouldn't leave the EU as I have made when we have sustained external 180 Coast. Even while it occurs, I feel that for young people and any it is important who believes in him to, still express those feelings. I think that young people have to be busy with policy and if you have a platform that people - paying of attention, you have to make something positive with him.

When I have presented Autumn the Winter collection of 2017, it was almost similar to a meeting. Each of models has been sustained on a podium, and a floor has been filled with flyers which had photos of models, and then it has told "Vote X". It was almost as though they were candidates. I felt like as the young man, my voice has been completely passed, thus, the collection was more formal - there cut more. It was almost similar: if I have to wear a suit which will treat seriously then, I will make it, but I will make it in the own way. Claims have been turned inside out, and they had strips on outer side. It was about sending a strong signal. Whether there are more political messages in the following collection which I don't know, it - just I answering what proceeds around me.

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