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Female psychedelia YouTube: Poppy, Lowlife, SemperVictor, grocerybagdottv

In 2014 on YouTube channel Poppy strange videos in which the lovely blonde made not motivated acts under frightening music have begun to appear. Rollers have gained great popularity. We tell about the one who stands behind this project and as it has arisen.

Lovely horror

On a gray background there is a beautiful blonde. In hands at her cotton candy. She pinches off it on a piece, and then licks a stick and laughs. This video has been posted on YouTube channel Poppy in November, 2014. Two months later in the same place there was a ten-minute clip in which the girl constantly repeats the same phrase: "I — Poppi".

Over time videos became more and more strange and frightening. It has turned out that the heroine has a girlfriend — the lifeless dummy Charlotte talking a mechanical voice. For the first time she has appeared before public, interviewing Poppi.

— Hi, Internet. I am Charlotte, and with me Poppi — says a dummy.

— Hi, Charlotte, today you very beautiful — Poppi answers.

— Thanks. I heard that you have a new clip soon.

— Yes, we have just shot video on my new song Lowlife.

— Tell me about this fascinating clip.

— In this video there are many amusing things. There is even a devil.

— Devil?

— Yes! He eats banana!

The clip Lowlife in which the devil with banana appears

Then Poppi admits that he very much likes to read books and recently was fond of the Bible. Video accompanies the monotonous low-frequency sound giving to the events it is even more surreality.

Since then on YouTube channel of the girl the set similar frightening by video is posted. Tells Popp how it is correct to put on a medical mask, argues on god, ten minutes grabble from one corner of the screen in another. In one of rollers Charlotte dies, and the child dummy asking by voice of the main character reaches for her hands: "Mother, with you everything is all right?"

In the popular Internet show "Children React on …" in which boys and girls look and discuss anything — from old movies to music of the 80-90th years, Polly's rollers strongly have frightened all. And she has recorded video in which I have shown the reaction to the children looking at her.

The girl looked at the screen of the laptop and repeated all phrases sounding in clips. This video was again allowed to watch to children. Many were frightened that Poppi is somewhere in studio — perhaps, she already at them behind the back!

In new videos of Poppi looks for something on a floor, asks subscribers whether she should take a red pill (from the movie "Matrix", a favourite symbol of the movement of alternative right), tells how it loves Donald Trump … And, of course, writes songs on which the ambiguous videos sneering at a modern musical scene and a world order in general are shot. And yes, they collect millions of viewings.

Asks Popp, whether she should take a red pill

Mars Slang

Nothing it would be if not Titanic Sinclair is a mysterious musician and the producer externally similar to Kurt Cobain. He has undertaken advance of Poppi in 2014 though she was not the first strange blonde in his life. Since 2007 he did similar videos and Mars of the Slang untwisted music of the girlfriend.

Then Sinclair didn't stay behind scenes. Together with the Slang he conducted a Computer Show Internet broadcast. Actually there told a little about computers.

"My family doesn't love Barack Obama, all my friends love Barack Obama, and I don't even know" — reports Mars to the Slang on constantly changing background from home videos of thirty-year prescription, dialog boxes of old computer programs and special effects, similar to a hallucination. "I am a thoroughbred American — Sinclair picks up. — They watch us by means of cameras and microphones of our personal computers, writing down everything that we see and what we speak about. So they build new reality which will be able to be sold to us". "Enthusiasm — it is healthy! — the girlfriend repeats several times it. — The future has become outdated, but small but precious".

Fake advertizing of Mountain Dew drink from "A computer show" Mars the Slang and Sinclair's Titanic

"The computer show" bears a strong resemblance to what Sinclair does together with Poppi. Here Slangs and he in eager rivalry make a declaration of love each other. Here she shows Sinclair's photos with the words "I choose this picture". Here Sinclair just costs on the street, by him float photos Mars of the Slang under unpleasant music.
br /> Sinclair has produced for the girlfriend of the clip on the song Using You. The unpretentious text about love, and a video series — musicians of the Slang make some surrealistic medical experiment. From viewing there are rather strange feelings.

The last joint video of Sinclair and Slang — Delete Your Facebook, "Darings the Facebook". Begins with a conversation in which the young man reports that he cleaned an ear a Q-tip, I have pierced an eardrum, and now hears nothing. And then Mars and Titanic speak: Facebook is created to see whom were your friends and schoolmates and their life is how boring. "So remove the Facebook. I have removed the account MySpace in 2006, and already with the 2014th" — Sinclair says. "Facebook irritates, Facebook will die" — picks up the Slang.

The clip on the song Using You

Darings are all

After this video everything has ended. In the spring of 2014 music and the majority of releases of "A computer show" of the Slang and Sinclair have been removed from all resources. Admirers stayed in perplexity and when in several months in network video with Poppi has appeared, have demanded explanations. Sinclair has answered extremely aggressively, having called the Slang the schizophrenic and having told that she has changed passwords on all accounts and has rubbed the most part of information.

But her friend, the producer and the screenwriter Max Landis, has stated other version on Twitter. According to him, Sinclair and Slangs were going to do the project, similar to Poppi, however after a rupture of the relations he has stolen the idea and has begun to shoot videos with other girl. "All this was very nasty" — Landis has reported. Also I have explained that in reality of Poppi is the embodiment of the Slang, and all videos with her were removed by Sinclair. She imitates both her appearance, and a voice. "Present that you will feel if your boyfriend makes web series with the personality who is completely copied from you" — he was indignant.

Sinclair denied everything. At the forum Reddit he left the message: "I will repeat once again: nobody, except me and Poppi, has relations to Poppi. Nevertheless understand that Mars lies. Even if my best friends can't normally communicate with her, I guarantee: at you in general any chances. Leave her alone. She wanted to stop being engaged in it, and she has stopped". It is interesting that, answering questions which to her were asked by admirers in a social network of Tumblr, the Slang has told that she really has a mental disease — a post-traumatic syndrome.

Popp are all

"I love bombochka for a bathroom — those which become pink or violet in water. No, krasnenky. And brushes, and, maybe, still rubber ducklings" — Poppi in the interview tells. Still she loves the singer Cindi Lauper, Japan, doggies and the ten-minute video in which it is unceasing I repeat "— Poppi".

All her project extremely confidential. Titanic Sinclair keeps in secret a real name of the girl and everything that is connected with her, and on the Internet at least three versions of the one who is she actually and what is her name walk. Admirers create conspiracy theories, and many agree that Sinclair and Slangs never left, and all this just a part of the successful project which they operate together.

Something I have lost Popp

Anyway, Poppi is much more popular Mars than the Slang, and interest in the first automatically stirs interest in the second. Users actively look for remote videos of the Slang, make a declaration of love and ask it to practise music, but so far on YouTube it is possible to find only her old clips.

Popp has made the real splash, and her songs and strange frightening videos collect millions of viewings. Recently Charlotte has posted a dummy in the channel of video. "Popp are all. I know her. She knows me. I worry for her. I am a normal person. I am absolutely normal person" — she says. Many have thought that the project is closed, however every other day in the next video under already habitual low-frequency buzz of Poppi drew on an easel of a hare.

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