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Story about trolling

But it is only one case (in comments of the second - about a wedding), and there were many cases.

Generally, it is possible to troll only a crown. If you have no crown, you are persons modest, you perceive themselves adequately and a self-assessment at you independent, it is impossible to troll you, you are impregnable. It is possible to try, but you won't even notice it, it won't concern you.

But if you have a big crown if all the time it seems to you that you are highly appreciated, respect, those who don't if you seek to ego-trip at the expense of others if others assessment, others recognition is extremely important for you envy, then any, even harmless trolling will be for you very painful.

Some were perplexed under last post why to Ira such girlfriends. Well as what for? there are no others. She should communicate with someone, she is quite sociable, the extrovert. Most of girlfriends (not all fortunately) quickly enough go off the rails, being on friendly terms with Ira, begin to pass borders, drop a self-assessment and grow up a crown. And as soon as grow up a crown, at once become a target for trolling. At such as Ira it something like an instinct. Something has touched you, you are angry, you throw a call, you pass borders, and the person with good borders answers you with trolling. Therefore if someone acts on you so that all of you time test an offense, envy or rage, you steer clear better, you are vulnerable in relation to this person.

And I will tell several stories, I suggest to analyse them from the point of view of bugs and vulnerabilities.


When Ira the first time has married, it were dashing the 90th, the beginning. She had a husband dashing too, he was quickly killed. But at first they have quickly got married, and then have also quickly decided to divorce in some quarrel. Ira began to pack the things, crying, the husband went and rattled furniture and ware, expecting that Ira will ask reconciliations. And at this time the best girlfriend of Ira who often came to them to the house, without call has come. The husband began to treat the girlfriend with binge and to complain her of Ira, described the quarrel reason, the girlfriend has got up on his party, both has soon come and has begun to admonish Ira that she will be gone that she should apologize that she has to recognize a wrongfulness. She spoke: I would dream of such man, you look at yourself, you don't cost him, Ira has answered her: take away to yourself, and the husband directly at the girlfriend has given her a slap in the face, Ira has thrown all the things and has left.

Somewhere she walked, she always had options and spare airfields, but the husband has found for her in several days and has on a lap persuaded to return, promising expensive gifts and the good behavior. They have reconciled, Ira has returned. She has seen the things in a corridor, carefully collected by the girlfriend, and in cases things of her girlfriend so as if she lived year, all to trifles, very thoroughly have been hanged out and spread out. Ira began to ask the husband, that was rumpled, reasoned the offense, jealousy, a pressure of the girlfriend, continuously rushing to kiss to Ira hands, legs. Ira has promised it to forgive, but has demanded to help her to play a trick on the girlfriend.

The girlfriend was at work, Ira's husband has called and has told that he will wait for her at restaurant. The girlfriend has come, on a table there was a huge bouquet of roses, champagne, played orchestra. The girlfriend has sat down, happy and proud. Here the orchestra has told that it for the beautiful girl Ira plays such song. The girlfriend was surprised, but has thought that some mistake. Then I have come Ira, the husband has presented her a bouquet, and has thanked the girlfriend, having told that it thanks to her has estimated as far as he loves Ira. Ira has shed a few tears and began to embrace the girlfriend, telling her thanks. The girlfriend sat and cried. But and I sat until the end of a dinner, not in forces to leave from this happy couple and I watched how the husband kisses to Ira hands and when they were gained, and legs, and orders it all new and new songs and declarations of love.

But it is rough trolling of young Ira.

Another stories are thinner.

2. Boring husband

One girlfriend complained to Ira of the husband all the time, but so that left as if she does him a favor by the fact that lives with him. The husband not bad supported her, but was quite simple in communication, and the girlfriend imagined herself a star which spends the best years on хмыря, and could be turned with princes in a waltz if has divorced. Ira often said to her that the husband at her normal, meaning that it is better for her also doesn't shine, but the girlfriend understood in own way. She spoke all the time: and here you have so beautiful lover and such gifts gives, and mine isn't present. And hot I envied sex and to a lot of things I abused, I abused the husband. Say, if not he, I too beautifully would live, and is forced to vegetate. Familiar history? A half of wives in a default so think. Though if the woman so bright, she and in marriage will have admirers even if she will close not admit them (and if there are no persons interested, then from a divorce they won't appear). And her husband will be vigorous, but not missing. That is the women living in a rotten default - boring and gray not less than their husbands, or it is more. And instead of getting divorced or running on SZ to collect grease compliments, it is necessary to pump over image and art, economy, sex, health and a trance, to inhale in itself a little spontaneity, and in marriage everything will become better. But I have distracted.

Ira estimated the girlfriend adequately therefore she said that the husband at her good very much, very much with him was lucky her, and the girlfriend considered that her husband very much is pleasant to Ira, time she so praises him. Ira wasn't pleasant to the husband as the girlfriend at all, he saw that after the meetings with Ira the wife takes out to him a brain: and here have presented to Ira, to Ira have made, and you what. It is possible to tell the husband Ira hated and I considered the woman of easy virtue as all almost default husbands don't love unmarried girlfriends of the wives. Loosen marriage only and bring the conflicts. Knowing that the husband hates Ira, the girlfriend began to say often that Ira is in love with him. Why spoke?. Probably a crown I fed the. She to him: Ira wants you. Husband to her: fie on her, she has gone. The girlfriend is happy, has ego-tripped.

So she has got used to ego-trip that she has called Ira for New year. The husband was a little against, but not really, he has already got used to a thought that it is pleasant to Ira and became better to treat it though the girlfriend of it didn't understand. Ira has come and at once has seen that the girlfriend has called her that it is a little to feed up a crown. The girlfriend soon began to retell all words of Ira about the husband that that has confirmed. "She says that you have a good figure. She says that you are similar to that actor". And further she has drunk more and (I have got a favourite toy) began to say that the husband spoke about Ira. And it were unpleasant things, the husband reddened, objected, worried, was irritated on the talkative wife and fawned upon Ira is guilty. And Ira looked at him a little strictly.

3. Beach mother 

With Roma there were hundreds of cases of trolling of girlfriends and not girlfriends. Sometimes I have a feeling that to Rohm Ira it is necessary to troll poor women.

For example, they sit at restaurant or cafe, girls look at Roma, having opened a mouth, and sometimes it is possible even to hear as they discuss, a pier why to him this "old woman" or "that for a monkey" because Ira is much more senior also not such bright externally as Roma. Ira adores such situations because they open many opportunities for trolling. Sometimes very cruel. I won't give the most cruel situations, to children it is harmful.

I will tell just cynical, though silly.

Last summer Ira and Roma have come to the beach, all female views have stuck on his figure, and aside to Ira critical and puzzled looks have addressed (though she is a normal, nice woman, just in comparison with Roma the ordinary woman sharply loses, especially the woman is ten years more senior, not model). Roma has gone to bathe, and Ira has started talking to two very young neighbors. Seeing very great interest towards Roma, Ira has told: this is my son, I want to marry him that he has settled down. Neighbors right there began to offer friendship, communication, an entertainment and all the rest. They admired "son" and said that they would like to get acquainted closer.

When Roma has come, neighbors continued to chirp, Roma has heard that they speak about him "your son" English, has understood everything and has covered the person with a t-shirt to hide the emotions. Ira told with enthusiasm as she gave birth to Roma as she nursed him as he sucked, wrote to trousers as molded from a calla of elephants, hid unfinished porridge in pockets and other very juicy details (by the way, she trolled Roma here more, than women, it is similar). At the same time she in every possible way married off Roma to girls and they coquetted, even stuck to him a little. For example tried to do him massage with assistance of Ira.

Roma hasn't sustained, has attacked on Ira and began to kiss hot her, speaking "Mother, I want to marry only you, mother, I have an Oedipus complex, mother, I will kill the father" and so forth.

Girls have been so shocked that have seized things and have left. It is unknown whether has reached them that about mother there was a joke. I hope that yes.

4. Linen basket 

The interesting story was when Ira has got acquainted with the English husband and was going to get married already for him.

And one girlfriend has decided to do much harm and tell Ira her to the husband that Ira not the decent lady as he thinks, and the mercantile woman of easy virtue.

She has shared with other girlfriend and another has warned Ira that that held the man far away. But Ira has made everything on the contrary. She has called this girlfriend on a visit. At Ira's girlfriends versions still disperse, some think that she wanted to disarm her thus and to bribe or "to look at meanness scale". But I think that Ira just wanted to have fun.

She has acquainted the girlfriend with the future husband and waited when that reports to him data on her. The girlfriend hesitated, whether was afraid, whether sovestitsya. Then Ira was tired to wait, has specially quarreled with the girlfriend because of some nonsense, and that has called her future husband and has told about Ira "фсю the truth as is". By this moment the girlfriend has already got acquainted with one handsome man, thanks to Ira and her groom. After the girlfriend has thrown out a compromising evidence, Ira's groom has blocked her. The same was made by that man on the advice of her groom. More I didn't contact her.

Much later the girlfriend tried to find out what has occurred. Ira has told her: you don't understand what is the gentleman therefore has come with a basket of dirty linen.

I don't know whether the girlfriend has understood in what there was her mistake.

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