Monday, 10 July 2017

Corona Pobeditelnitsy (Winner) - the most urgent for me a crown now.

Such feeling that my blog attracts Winners as honey of bears.

These are those which write letters: "He has blocked me everywhere and when I guard him after work, runs away on roofs. As if to throw to him a hook?" Or: "She has taken out all the things and has taken a part of mine. What strategy to choose? To Nakidat spheres or to make to peak?"

Corona Pobeditelya doesn't give to the sticky little man (and in big crowns all very sticky) to realize that the more he runs, the it becomes more opposite. Pobeditelya it seems that to put pressure a little more, and the elect under a pressure will give up. The Winner can't recede from the planned purpose, superglue holds him tightly, and live not to leave him.

Therefore people in crowns of the Winner so "are fan" of my blog. (In quotes because it is attentive to them to read laziness, they hurry to put into practice). Having learned what appears there are some strategy for incitement of interest and ways to grow up the importance, they triumph. Good news! It is possible not to come unstuck, it is possible to stick further, calling it "fishing".

Winners are notable fishermen. You reads their letters and there is a wish to cry, with laughter, from sympathy to their victims which they overfeed fish soup.

The Winner can hundred repeat a time in a row that nippers it is impossible to fish, only on a frying pan to overturn itself, all of them equally will remain in full confidence that they have not nippers, but hooks. "Yes, I write him the hundred thirty fifth letter. But I in the borders! I just write, he can not answer". The flypaper can never identify the nippers, her borders are so merged with strangers that persistence - the word for her unclear. Where she is imposed? I have just called from new number (old in the black list at it) and I have told about the feelings. It seems, the hook has turned out. "Dear Evolyution, what strategy it is better to apply here? It is a little more spheres or to wait comeback at a distance? And if ping from his party don't follow whether I can urge on something him? Can be to send him an erotic photo, having pretended that was mistaken number?"

The person in a crown of the Winner all the time puzzles over strategy, is torn to intrigue and do cunning traps. The thought that the trap can't be made to the one who runs away from you gallop as it is impossible to intrigue the one who from you needs nothing, isn't clear to them at all. Well as so? Really very absolutely nothing can be made?

There is no rescue from Winners, even to me isn't present because they and my blog read with the same persistence as they pursue the victims, writing out useful quotes, and my pm is bombarded messages: "Sorry, it already the fifth letter, but I very need your council!" You blocks them in livejournal, VKontakte, on Facebook write on mail. If the Winner has decided that he needs my council, he won't lag behind. Otherwise it is not the Winner.

Some think that "having read about hooks and spheres" people become here such here. It is impossible. From reading stickiness doesn't arise. Stickiness is very bad borders and tendency to eat illusions. Any reading on light won't make the person sticky. Just to my blog Winners didn't call the stickiness "hooks and spheres", but stuck in the same way, and maybe is stronger. They will cease to stick only when learn to respect others borders and will grow up though a little self-esteem instead of a crown. But it demands work on itself.

Still some think that Winners very imperious, want to subordinate themselves the second, to win, take therefore break the closed doors a forehead. Because of this wrong understanding they also can't remove the crown. Winners are not imperious, they as all crowned, very dependent and weak flypapers. They stick because look for in another a support, they merge borders because see in another the strong-willed center, the mother and the father, and want to rely on approval of this another. For this reason they both break and can't come unstuck, him hungrily, terribly, is empty when they try to come unstuck. As to the thrown baby. And as Rescuers invent as if they save, and Winners invent that they win, hunt or fish. Actually they have just stuck and dangle as a snivel on a branch, being afraid to be unhooked and fall down.

While you doesn't realize it, you won't remove a crown. It is impossible to remove a crown if you doesn't notice that your locus has departed, your mister and the owner - other, your center not in you, and you close a crown a huge hole on the place of self-esteem, even without trying to rely on yourself. It is possible to remove a crown, only at the same time returning the locus of control in itself, inside, having realized the dependence on another and having begun it to reduce urgently, groping the support.

You look on an example which there was in a heading of letters a set and will be still more than once.

Correspondence on a dating site. The flypaper has stuck, having decided that it suits it. Usually at first I have stuck (because of tendency to stick to any who was near), and then I have already decided that approaches, but happens and vice versa. There is no dynamics, has got nippers, then a rolling pin, she was sent, she has put the fat end, has again got nippers. She was blocked everywhere. She has gone to look for the help and has found my blog. I have read about fishing tools, I was delighted, I have decided to begin with spheres. But here an ill luck, it was blocked. I have found the person, I have showered him with spheres (rotten eggs), then I ran behind him and I tried to stop him nippers. I have written the letter to a heading. I have got advice to get rid. I have cried. I have caught at an entrance, I have tried to nakidat spheres. But she was sent and then she has made to peak. I have written one more letter to a heading with questions whether there will be a comeback soon and how to keep not to answer on a ping when they are and as these a ping to hasten.

In what place fishing could begin?

In any. Only at the very best beginning when correspondence on a dating site when from that party there was an interest has begun, there was an initiative, only there it would be possible to use some hooks and spheres. Here what means in borders! When from that party there is an inquiry, there is an attention, there is an interest. When from that party there is a stream, a current to your party, you can put the networks. And if a current from you, in other party, you have to be engaged in decrease in the dependence. You indulge in vain hopes, and she is absent and won't be. Be engaged in something, find energy in other place, don't stand with a seine at the dried-up course. If not to stick, and to be engaged in pumping, small interest is restored soon, the person pays to you attention again, and here you can fish that is called again. Frankly speaking, to learn not to stick, but to support the movements to you is already much, it will already descend for fishing. Very few people are able to do it, your behavior will tear a template to the person and to cause respect because the others stick or are freezed, and most often alternate it inattentively, without paying any attention to the person, being guided only by own "I want". I want, means I stick, I don't want, I am frozen. If to pay attention to the second, to him I want, then you will never stick in response to his distance and to be frozen in response to his steps. Also mini-fishing here such here easy way will turn out. Only one spheres, to the place.

Fishing all entirely is based on respect of borders, on feeling of borders and respect for borders!

There are no borders, there is no fishing. There is only your superglue.

It is possible to do also hooks, but besides in response to the movement to you. It is impossible to catch up with the person and to make a hook. It is impossible. Never ask how to make a hook to the one who at this moment moves away from you. As soon as there was such question, remove a crown of the Winner and return a control locus into place, come unstuck from the person, reduce dependence. Because the person moves away, and you think, as if to grasp him, and it means that at this moment your brain produces superglue. It seems to you that you seize the person, but you will just stick to his soles as dog shit. The person can't be grabbed if he runs away. This most important rule of fishing. And frankly speaking, this most important rule of life. It isn't necessary to force that from whom you want to receive respect and love. It is obvious?

Having found a crown of the Winner when she only has begun to grow (and you wanted to pull out, grasp someone or to extend from him something), it is necessary to establish the fact of the bigger dependence right there. The person pluses, you reach for him, no "strategy" will work until you restore the balance, you won't calm down and you won't cease to cling. Remove a crown, you don't say to themselves that you "have decided to fish" or you "want to be pro-active". The best pro-activity with the plusing partner is to be engaged in the pumping, and to present him the goodwill and to hide nippers. And here when the partner reaches for you, here don't miss the moment any more, surprise him and please, be not passive. But if he has turned away, it isn't necessary to produce superglue, reflecting on "strategy". Wash the floors better and hang for a while on a turnichka, stretching a backbone. To swim for a while you go or to the park, to collect the blossoming linden. Very abruptly the linden blossoms now, very useful tea with it can be made, helping to bring harmful substances and to remove stress from all body out of an organism. What is also necessary for you, the beginning winners.

The crown is familiar? Tried on? And removed?

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