Saturday, 21 January 2017

William “Bill” E Quigley birthday

William "Bill" E Quigley of Ottawa will celebrate the 90th birthday at family celebration of a dinner on January 22, 2017 with his children; Christine Benson (King), Ottawa; Linda Quigley from Boulder, CO; Daniel (Betti) Quigley Morton-Grove and Michael (Zubets) Quigley of Chicago, his six grandsons and two great-grandsons.

He was born on January 26, 1927 in Indianapolis, Indiana. William E Quigley Sr. and Lilian Iren (Gorokh) Quigley was his parents. Barbara (Quigley) - Lane (late) was his brother.

3 brilliant January read

The emotional debut novel of Katee Khan, Constrain Stars (Doubleday, about €11.99, on January 26) not so ordinary romance novel. Keris, the pilot of space of superachievement, and Max, the promising chef operating family food business meets and falls in love, but their Universe, Europe, forbids them to be together. Set between space and Novaya Zemlya was created after catastrophic nuclear war this story sees that couple tries to express disagreement with strict rules of their utopia, trying to save their relations. They have to fight to remain together later, to survive when they drift, one in space only with 90 minutes of the remaining air. To tell more would only spoil him, but it is motivation, the unique and beautifully created history on difficulties of the first love which will remain with you after reading. It will be huge in 2017.

Expensive houses for sale

The former house of the founder of Ryanair Tony Ryan sold for a little more than €12 million last October, becoming the most expensive property sold through the state in 2016.

Magnificent Lyons Possession in Celbridge, Co Kildare, has been sold on October 4 last year for just part of its original required price. In 2009 two years later after Mr. Ryan has died, it has been estimated at €60 million.

The house was among 511 housing objects of property sold more than for €1 million last year, the analysis of a show of the Register of Real estate price.

It shows that the number of houses of high level, trading in hands has increased almost by 8 personal computers within a year. In 2015 about €474 1 million - plus houses have been sold.

The register shows full reduction in the amount of the objects of property sold during 2016. It happens because of a combination of factors, including the Central bank, providing rules which have affected abilities of buyers to provide a mortgage, together with low rate of new housing construction.

Night cultural enchanting spectacle in IIMB

Indian Institute Managment - Bangalore (IIM-B) will celebrate the Day of the republic on music note. Classical music 12 watch long and an enchanting spectacle of dance will be carried out in a campus from 18:00 on January 25 by 6:00 on January 26.

Falling of the line or person exile of 6 years: U’khand BJP to rebels

Dekhradun: Facing comprehensive protests from candidates of poll to whom have refused tickets, Uttarakhand BJP'S unit has decided to give time till January 27 for dissident leaders to revise their decision to retire. The state secretary general of the party (organization), Sanjay Kumar has told TOI on Saturday that if dissatisfied leaders don't come back to a party bend by then, they will be sent within six years.

7 fascinating facts about Robert Burns

You don't like be pleasant when Robert Burns's poetry possesses at the typical Night of Burns – but she probably helps. During for several centuries commemoration of his birthday (on January 25, 1759) developed in the formal case full of secret and very traditional whim (for example, "a toast to little girls"). It is impregnated with a type of humour which worked well at the beginning of the 19th century and is strongly "blokeish" – some would tell that the direct sexist – and a lot of vanity is made about a dish of a mutton liver, and of course by whisky. But if you thought that you knew everything that you wanted to know about this the most known of Scots, here seven Interesting Facts about his heritage which you could not face before.

Panasonic to begin GenNext technology in Mezhsekunda

Panasonic, the leading supplier of integrated solutions for safety and video surveillance, is going to enter the next generation of i-Pro the Extraordinary technological platform into Interseke 2017 who opens on Sunday in Dubai, the UAE.

The event will run in the International convention of Dubai and the exhibition center (Dicec) till January 24.

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) have begun i-Pro Contrast in response to the bystry growing demand for the integrated video surveillance in the region which saw huge growth for video of the equipment of safety in recent years.


The exhibition celebrates art and influence of the movement of hip-hop.

The first exhibition of College of the district Hudson of the new year presented by Department of culture of Hudson County Community College (HCCC) is one of the most unique and investigates the cultural phenomenon, hip-hop.

Exhibition, "Hip-hop Utopia: Culture + the Community" was supervised Michel Vitale and Fred Fleischer, and can be considered since Monday, January 23rd till Tuesday, February 21st in Benjamin Dzh. Dineen, III & Dennis C college. Gallery of the case, 71 Sip Avenue in Jersey City. The exhibition and all connected events are open for all community and there is free entrance.

The leader of Chattanooga Dzhumouk Johnson, 23, killed under a hail of bullets on Friday night

The charismatic person who has made on his teachers an impression at High school of Breynerd, but hasn't escaped from three generations of gangs and poverty, has been killed during firing and road accident on Friday night.

Dzhumouk Johnson, 23, has risen by categories of the Goal of 60 Chips as the teenager. He was a clever child, the natural leader, and was a senior at high school when he at first has been presented in the Free press "Tayms".

The police has reported that it was the central figure of gang, dark compound of thread of firefight and the agreement on medicine across East Chattanooga everywhere. They have told that he has ordered hits, participated in firing from moving transport and shot at the person behind the head — but they couldn't prove it.

Peace producers establish to appear when Reading Magistrate's court after blocking of an entrance to FEAR

The COURT in Reading is going to judge five peace participants of a campaign for acceptance of nonviolent direct measures, despite several recent cases in which participants of a peace movement have been acquitted, being an arrested at similar protests.

It arrives after five Christian activists have blocked an entrance to Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) to Burgfilde.

Participants of a campaign who are all in their the thirtieth are members of group, Puts the Sword.