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GQ's Spring Preview 2013: Less is More

It might be colder than a snowman's nuts outside, but all the clothes that are going to make your spring are already hitting stores. (Yes, really.) Here, we show you why the season ahead is all about simplifying. The point isn't to go monkishly minimal—it's about making every piece you wear count

Antony Starr
Age: 37
Tune in: Banshee (upcoming on Cinemax)
Role: Ex-con Lucas Hood

01. First Things First: Let Your Tie Bloom

Yes, this spring is about keeping it simple—but you need one piece that brings your look to life. Instead of mixing busy patterns, try taking a solid suit and shirt and then bringing them to life with a print tie.

Suit, $1,625 and shirt, $295 by Dolce & Gabbana. Tie, $97 by The Hill-Side. Tie bar by The Tie Bar. Pocket square by Paul Stuart.
JD Pardo
Age: 32
Tune in: Revolution (NBC)
Role: Jason Neville, the militia’s go-to guy

2. Sure, There Are Fifty Shades of Gray. Choose the Palest One.

Conventional wisdom says your gray suit should fall on the darker side of the spectrum. Let's smash the conventional wisdom. Once the weather warms up, pale gray is flat-out cooler—in every sense of the word.

Suit, $1,125, shirt, $295, and tie, $195, by Calvin Klein Collection. Loafers, $1,350 by Ermenegildo Zegna Couture.
Sterling Sulieman
Age: 28
Tune in: The New Normal (NBC)
Role: NeNe Leakes's strapping, conservative brother

3. That Pale Thing Applies to Colors, Too

Your girlfriend calls these pastels, but we like to think of them as chalky. Wear one at a time, or mix several if you want the double takes.

Sports jacket, $750 by Michael Bastian. Shirt, $154, and pants, $198, by Closed. Tie, $115 by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Sweatshirt, $175 by Todd Snyder. Watch by Rolex. Hat by Polo Ralph Lauren.
4. Look Fly. Stay Dry.

Designers have been tweaking rubberized Mackintosh-style raincoats for 200 years. This season's revelation? Suiting patterns like windowpane.

Trench coat, $1,510 by Marc Jacobs. Polo shirt, $98 by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Khakis, $395 by Band of Outsiders. Sneakers, $70 by Converse. Belt by C.S. Simko. Hat by Bally.
5. Loafing: Now Encouraged at Work

The shoe of the season? Loafers. They used to be strictly casual, but right now you can march into work in them.

Loafers, $580 by Gucci. Suit, $456 by J.Crew Ludlow.
6. If the Suit Is Pale, the Shirt Can Pop

We meant it when we said you should wear chalky colors. But don't miss the chance to electrify a pale gray suit with this bubblegum pink shirt that pops.

Shirt, $40 by American Eagle Outfitters. Suit jacket, $298 by J.Crew Ludlow. Tie, $15, tie bar, and pocket square by The Tie Bar.
07. A Belt with a Ring to It

Fashion is strange: Suddenly one belt becomes the coolest thing since Miles Davis. Right now, the D-ring is our go-to pants-holder-upper.

Belt, $115 by Gant by Michael Bastian. Pants, $150 by DKNY. Sports jacket and tie by Polo Ralph Lauren. Shirt by Patrik Ervell.
Reid Scott
Age: 35
Tune in: Veep (HBO)
Role: Dan Egan, the vice president’s deputy communications director

8. Stay (All the Way) Solid

We've championed patterned shirts and ties more than anyone, but less is more right now, remember? This spring, solid colors look super-sharp, not snoozy. Especially when you think beyond just classic white and blue dress shirts and reach for a new strain of green.

Suit, $1,625, and shirt, $295, by Dolce & Gabbana. Tie, $97 by The Hill-Side. Tie bar by The Tie Bar. Pocket Square by Paul Stuart.
Ben Feldman
Age: 32
Tune in: Mad Men (AMC)
Role: Michael Ginsberg, Don Draper’s brilliant wiseass copywriter

9. Not Even James Dean Thought of This

But we're sure he'd approve. Your jean jacket should fit as snug as a cardigan—so why not rock it like one? Just put it on under a sport coat and go.

Jean jacket, $1,120 by Brunello Cucinelli. Sports jacket, $695 by Gant by Michael Bastian. Shirt, $265 by Nick Wooster for Hamilton 1883. Pants, $192 by J Brand. Belt by Scotch & Soda

Teddy Sears
Age: 35
Tune in: Masters of Sex (upcoming on Showtime)
Role: Dr. Austin Langham, sex researcher and philanderer

10. Meet Khaki's Sophisticated Brother

Got the khaki suit down pat? Good. Now try stepping up to brown in either single-breasted or double.

Suit, $2,800 by Bottega Veneta. Polo shirt, $198 by Diesel Black Gold. Belt by Tom Ford.

11.And Chuck Taylor's (Very Rich) Cousin

Dressing up doesn't mean no-sneakers-allowed. Especially if they're high-end sneakers that never look sloppy.

Sneakers, $840 by Hermès
12. Out of the Dugout, onto the Street

The freshest leather jacket right now is the baseball jacket. Don't be afraid to knot up a tie with it.

Jacket, $1,575, and pants, $395, by Emporio Armani. Shirt, $375 by Salvatore Piccolo. Loafers, $545 by Tod’s. Belt by J.Crew.
13. A Squarer Wayfarer

We tried on every new pair of glasses, but this squared-off take on the classic reigned supreme.

Sunglasses, $95 by Warby Parker.

14. The Wider a Man's Brim, the Bigger His Style. 
Or something like that. Ditch the porkpies and fedoras and go big with an old-school Panama.

Hat, $350 by Borsalino at JJ Hat Center. Suit, $1,725 by Neil Barrett. Shirt, $65 by Tommy Hilfiger. Tie, $195 by Dior Homme. Tie bar by The Tie Bar. Pocket square by Brunello Cucinelli.
15. Trust the Italians to Think of This

One pocket square, two colors of piping. Style ingenuity from the country that knows suits best.

Pocket square, $135 by by Brunello Cucinelli. Sports jacket, $1,350 by by Polo Ralph Lauren.
Leslie Odom Jr.
Age: 31
Tune in: Smash (NBC)
Role:Insanely charming chorus member Sam Strickland

16. Teach Your Casual Clothes to Dance

Sometimes it's not the clothes you buy, it's how you put them together. Take a cardigan and khakis. Put them together as carefully as you would a tux. They're capable of moves you can't imagine.

Cardigan, $648 by Etro. Shirt, $750 by Giorgio Armani. Tie, $85 by The Hill-Side. Khakis, $450 by Prada. Loafers, $590 by Gucci. Tie bar by The Tie Bar. Hat by Stetson.
Josh Bowman
Age: 24
Tune in: Revenge (ABC)
Role: Handsome Hamptons-bred Daniel Grayson

17. This Blazer Doesn't Pack Heat

Your style shouldn't go limp as the temp rises. Now there are killer textured blazers in fabrics like this toothy linen- and-wool blend.

Suit jacket, $3,520 by Tom Ford.

18. The Sweet Spot Between a Dress Shirt and a Tee

Don't settle for the same old polo when you can now get ones with ribbing and piping. The polo shirt is progressing, and style is all about evolution, right?

Polo sweater, $395 by Todd Snyder. Pants, $645 by Prada. Pocket square by Brunello Cucinelli. Glasses by Topman.

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