Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Week in Style: 05.13.11

Russell Brand in Miami Beach, Florida.
Mini-trend of the week: British dudes reviving '90s girl trends. First up, Russell with the angsty, coquettish, over-the-shoulder flop.

Gavin Rossdale in London.
Make no bones about it, these over-the-thumb sleeves are straight-up Jennifer Love-Hewitt circa Party of Five.

David Beckham in Los Angeles.
Beckham spans two decades with '90s capris and '00s fro-yo.

Ed Westwick in London.
Protect ya neck, Westwick.

Robert Pattinson in Sydney, Australia.
Your gratuitous Rob-Pattinson-in-a-suit photo. Looks good, etc.

Brad Goreski in NYC.
This is dope. Somebody's been reading

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber in NYC.
At first, we thought he was a deadringer for Jack Donaghy. Then we realized it's after 6 and he's not wearing a tux.

Russell Brand in Miami Beach, Florida.
Shit dawg, where'd your crotch go?

Tomo Milicevic, Jared Leto, and Shannon Leto in NYC.
It looks like Rainbow Brite threw up on his shoes.

Owen Wilson in Cannes, France.
Owen Wilson crawled up in our brains and discovered our favorite suit of the summer: a not-quite-white, not-quite-gray shade that we have been dubbing "concrete."

Johnny Depp in Anaheim, California.
Remember all the times us and everyone else have preached that Depp can do no wrong? Well, we lied.

Zachary Quinto in Los Angeles.
This is a totally legit look on Quinto, and unusually approachable, too. Looking to up your style game? It's as simple as fitted blazer, a repp tie, and some slim-fitted gray pants.

Josh Brolin in NYC.
Why is Brolin losing his shit? Caption contest, go!

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