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Amazing Race Makes Chocolate in Switzerland

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In the last episode of The Amazing Race, the cowboys had it rough. Not only did the other teams all help each other in the last leg and leave out the cowboys, the poor guys got U-turned, ensuring that they would go home. Five teams remain. Who will make it to the final four finale?
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From Zermatt, Switzerland, teams must take a chopper at the Air Rescue Helicopter Port. Unfortunately, the teams arrive one by one to find the place doesn't open till after 9 a.m., leaving them to wait in the freezing cold. The pink and black attack start off on a happy note—"We put on extra glitter today, so we'd match the snow!" pink says—but that's short-lived when they can't get a cab to the helipad. "Punching somebody would be very positive right now," Kent says. The helicopters bring the teams to the Matterhorn, where they hit a detour. "I wonder if the snow is gonna take off their eyebrows," Zev says about the thinly-browed pink and black attack.

At the Matterhorn—which "was named after the Disney ride," BFF Zev says—teams get to choose between search or rescue. In search, teams brave extreme wind and use an avalanche beacon to find a body buried by snow. In rescue, teams use a device to rescue a mountaineer. The pulley system helps them rappel into a crevice and pull them out. Search seems to be the easier tasks, but teams have a hard time digging through the ice with the small shovels.
Ms. Kentucky and her dad do search and find their dummy, but his lower half breaks off in the ice. They finally retrieve his legs. "He’s alive!” Ms. Kentucky shouts. "My dad’s the oldest racer, but I definitely don't think that's holding him back." The BFFs struggle to pick through the ice and end up being the last ones out of there. The rest of the teams choose rescue, though it takes a lot of strength to lower and raise a partner out of the crevice. "She looks light, but she's kind of heavy," Kisha later joked about her sister. Meanwhile, Kent screams, "Stooop! Stooop!" in such an annoying voice, that we would have definitely let go of the pulleyed rope.
After the detour, teams take their helicopter to a ski resort and find a train back to Zermatt. From there, they had to make their way to Le Petit Cervin, where they hit a roadblock.

In this roadblock, teams must create a large Travelocity Roaming Gnome out of chocolate using Swiss chocolate-making methods, which includes burying the treat in the snow to cool it down. Racers had to paint chocolate on a back and front gnome mold and put them in the fridge to harden in between layers. But so many molds going in and out of the freezer, racers started getting confused on which mold belonged to which person.
Someone steals Flight Time's mold in the fridge. "That's not right! Are you serious?" Big Easy shouts. Kisha and Big Easy conclude that Vyxsin took it, though she denies it. "I'm sorry, grow up. This has not been a dirty competition," she says. "I feel ganged up on. I try so hard to be a nice person. I really don’t appreciate being treated like that. I'm hurt and I’m kind of pissed." Flight Time is forced to restart a second mold. "Karma gonna come back, baby," says Big Easy. As the argument heats up, Zev jokes, "I think there are too many cooks in the kitchen."
Despite the fighting and setbacks, Flight Time finishes his mold first. He's told to roll the mold around for an even coating as the chocolatier fills the mold with chocolate, but he misunderstands and starts rolling his hips instead, dancing in the middle of the kitchen. Then he has to put his gnome in the snow. Kent is still angry that Big Easy was yelling at his lady. "Big Easy was trying to be a big bully," Kent says. "I kicked your ass last leg, big man. And we’re gonna kick your ass again today. Word."
Despite the drama, the pink and black attack finishes first, with the Globetrotters on their heels. Thing is, the goths grab a cab, not realizing that they were supposed to be traveling on foot. "They’re about to get a bad penalty," Ms. Kentucky says.

At the pit stop, a 300-year-old Swiss cabin under the Matterhorn, the Globetrotters arrive first, winning a trip to the Cook Islands. "We definitely got a chance to come back and redeem ourselves and we're gonna try and get us a slam dunk to a victory in the championship," the Globetrotters say. The sisters come in second. The pink and black attack snag third, but they incur a 30-minute penalty for taking a cab.
The BFFs came in last, but they make the cut because of the pink and black attack's penalty. Of course, the couple start to argue when the BFFs take the last slot. "Maybe you should have read it more carefully," Kent says about the clue. "You looked at it tons of times. Don’t blame me about this," Vyxsin retorts, "You’re putting everything on me. Unbelievable." After some reflection, Kent sucks it up and stops being annoying. "Every team goes home with that one fatality moment and this just happens to be ours," he says.
The all-stars season will come with an end with next week's two-hour finale that ends in the Florida Keys. As part of the finale, the guys head to Brazil for some chest waxing.

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