Monday, 2 May 2011

Frontier's Airline Fees Are Actually Going Down Instead of Up

Pretty much anytime that we mention "airline" and "fee" in the same sentence, it’s for something bad. Surprisingly, however, Frontier Airlines has made a change to its fees that will make a lot of potential passengers pretty pleased.
Change fees have now dropped to just $50 which is a lot less than some other major carriers, and if you purchase one of their fancier fares you won’t even have to worry about a change fee. They’re also allowing name changes on existing tickets—which is usually a definite no on pretty much all airlines—but there’s a catch. There’s a $50 fee to do so, and you’ll need to pay a fare difference based on the current price on the day of the change.
Baggage fees are also getting updated a little bit too. Previously your first checked bag would set you back $20, but now it can go as low as $15. The airline wants everyone to check-in online, and if you do so, you’ll get a $5 discount off the baggage fee. This isn’t going to make you rich, but who doesn’t love a few extra bucks in their pocket? Bike fees are also changing, as there’s now no separate fee for bicycles on board. It’s the same as checked luggage, so it can cost you as little as $15 if you pay before you get to the airport.
More changes include plans to pay travelers that are stuck due to a few types of airline delays. For delays that are based on mechanical issues or other Frontier-specific troubles, the airline will give you a $50 credit towards future travel for delays between two and four hours. You get even more money—$100 if there’s a four to six hour delay—and $200 if the flight is more than six hours behind schedule. Unfortunately weather delays and similar instances won’t qualify under the new policy.
With their latest rounds of fees, charges, and changes Frontier actually looks to have favored the traveler for once, and this is definitely something we hope catches on with other airlines as well—although unfortunately we have our doubts.

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