Monday, 2 May 2011

Sticky Toffee Banana Pudding

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THE RECIPE: Sticky Toffee Banana Pudding
Bon Appetit, March 2011

In this dessert, warm banana cake is drizzled with sticky, gooey toffee sauce and topped with banana slices. Use very ripe bananas--yes, we mean covered in black spots--for the best flavor and texture.   

Our version:

Bloggers' versions:
the-sublet-kitchen-sticky-toffee-pudding.jpgThe Sublet Kitchen: "an afternoon of disappointment turned incredibly worthwhile once this cake was made. thank you. from start to finish this cake smelled and tasted so good. imagine a fluffy banana cake with a hint of rum. and then imagine soaking that cake in a toffee sauce so wonderful that i have already made again and am storing in the fridge to pour over ice cream sundaes."

Cindy Shah: "This month's Bon Appetit magazine had a gorgeous picture of a sticky toffee banana pudding, so I absolutely had to make it. Really straightforward ... No tweaks necessary. This was a solid recipe. Thank you, Bon Appetit, and former pastry chef Lauren Chattman! The toffee sauce also goes great on top of some ice cream or french toast!"

a-new-recipe-each-week-sticky-toffee-pudding.jpg A New Recipe Each Week: "Oh, man, this was wonderful! It turned out nice and moist and the toffee sauce was to die for! I looked at this recipe, and I had everything to make it on hand except for the cream. I didn't have dark corn syrup or dark brown sugar, but the light versions work just as well! At work, people give me "rotten" bananas, which aren't rotten at all, but sweet and delicious with their brown spotty skin. My boss gave me two "rotten" bananas, and I knew just what to make with them! (For the record, I usually just eat them because they are so good.)"

I Blog What I Bake: "This. Dessert. Will. Knock. Your. Socks. Off. You will be left licking your plate wondering what happened to the cake that was just on it while you are already on your way back into the kitchen for another piece. You will be muttering to yourself that you can run an extra two miles at the gym the tomorrow to "work it off" as you stand in front of your counter at 2am with a fork in hand eating directly out of the baking dish. You will tell your family it came out terribly so you don't have to share it."

Marie-Pierre Styling: "I received the March Bon Appetit issue and something ambrosial caught my eye.  Named "Sticky Toffee Banana Pudding", it's actually not a pudding, but a banana cake infused with vanilla and a hint of dark rum. The toffee in which it's smothered in elevate the flavors to masterpiece. Remarkably easy to make too."

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