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Video Pedro Almodóvar's Latest Muse: Adriana Ugarte

One of actors of the sharp change in price for papers of 2016 explains how she has received a role of the whole life and what it is similar to work with the genius.

The newest movie of Pedro Almodovar, Julieta, magnificent in way which each movie of Almodovar — is pensive shots of sexual and more pensive shots of the animals running snow. But the central opening on the screen - the actress Adriana Ugarte, the newest in the long line of muses of Almodover. In Julieta she divides a leading role with Emma Suárez — these two women play the same character in various points in her lives. Adapted from a series of stories of Alice Munro, Julieta about life before and after the tragedy, generally — older Julieta (played by Suarez) mourns loss to which younger Julieta (Ugarte) still accelerates unfortunately. The movie is sad, bright, and is sexual as I assume that each movie of Almodovar, and Ugarte - the crude nerve everywhere which is often undressed, exposed physically and mentally, pursued by preventions of disaster which inevitably arrives. It is a lot of work in the movie full of big actions and that which seems convinced to change things for Ugarte who up to this time, first of all, was known in her own country for her work on television. She still can't believe quite that it has occurred.

GQ: We emailed a little with your director, Pedro Almodovar, and we have asked whether he had any questions for you. He had only one: whether there was time, running in for which you regretted accepting this part?
Adriana Ugarte: No. Even the most naked scenes when you are the most fragile, everything was pleasure. As work with Pedro very much, is very interesting. You feel that you not always shoot the film because you study all the time. It is similar to seminary.
I conclude that your process of listening with him was a little heterodox.
It was super confidential. I never had an experience as this. I have gone to office of assistants to the director. I know them. I have made two TV series and three movies with them. We have very good relations. But I have gone to listening, and they were similar, "Well, Adriana, we can't tell you which the director because it is a secret. And we have to respect this process". And I have told them, "Well, you joke? We - a family. You can tell me". They were similar, "Isn't present, Adriana, we don't joke. Please, let's work".
I didn't know whom was a director. I felt really softened — it was extremely, and I had no nerves and wasn't under the influence of great importance or Pedro's identity. Thus, when I have finished the first listening, they have told me, "Well, Adriana, we think that you have made excellent work, but we are going to send all your work to the director, and then we will call back to you".
Four days later they called me: "Adriana, we want to see you again. We are going to work with the same scenes again".
"Not various?"
"No, no, no, the same".
"Well, I haven't made it well, or …"
"No, no, no, he really had liked your work. But he wants to try various ways to make it".
"No, no, no, he really had liked your work. But he wants to try various ways to make it".
Who is "he"? But I have gone to their office, and we worked with the same scenes, in very, absolutely other way — various mood. I have been very intrigued.

Two weeks later I suffered. And they have recalled me, and they have told me, "Adriana, really was pleasant to him your work. But we are going to try various ways to make scenes".
I couldn't trust him. "Same scenes?"
"The same scenes".
Thus, I have gone to office, and we have made it again. And when I have finished, they have told me, "You can be softened because he it is valid, is really happy with you. And you - the right of primary purchase. But all of us can't tell yet you which it". And perhaps two more or three weeks later, they called me: "You are ready? He wants to see you. It is Pedro Almodovar".  

"Whaaat?" As dream.
Thus, I have gone to his house. He has opened a door, and I was very vulnerable and very much isn't sure. But I felt that I was with the family. I have looked at the sky and have told thanks to God to stars. It is an improbable gift.
Julieta occurs in Spain in the 80th when you were still a child. You conducted any research during that era?
When I have begun to study deeply the character, I have understood that she is very pure, but she isn't naive. She is very sexual, and she has no prejudices against people or situations or sex or her body. And I thought that, perhaps, after Franco's dictatorship, all people were very unbiassed and were required to capture the world and their reality widely and deeply. But I didn't know that they were thus unbiassed, and have so relaxed with their own bodies.
I wanted to read you other quote from your director: "I am the greedy director, and Adriana is an inexhaustible actress". It is interesting that he meant by it.
Well, I am fragile and sensitive, but there is other part in me, it is similar to the soldier. I didn't want to fail.
It changes things for you to play a major role in one of his movies?
Pedro is the most important director in my country — working with him, it is similar to receiving an award. But other directors don't call you because they think that you aren't going to work with them. Thus, I insist that I unbiassed, and I love the work, and nobody has to be afraid! Besides, Pedro is the international director - it is - the first time when someone in the United States or London or Italy sees my work. The world becomes smaller.
How it feels to become Pedro Almodovar's muse? It is similar on Vas and Penelope Crous and Rossi de Palmu and Carmen Maura, all these surprising actresses.
When I was 16 years old, and I have gone to Renoir Sinema in the center of Madrid, I always went with the parents. I wanted to be an actress. And sometimes I saw Pedro's movies in Renoir Sinem. But I haven't allowed me to dream that once I will work with him because it was impossible. Absolutely impossible.

Absolutely impossible. I didn't want to be upset, thus, I tried not to love his and his cinema. I even tried to avoid all his cinema and its movies. But last year, it has occurred. And I can't trust him.
This story has originally appeared in release in December 2016 GQ with the name "Adriana Ugarte".

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