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Heroes and villains. The most interesting characters in the series Call of Duty and in the newest Infinite Warfare

What the hero players remembered in the first place when it comes to Call of Duty? That's right - the mustachioed and eternally young John Price. But the British capital - is not the only colorful character in the popular series. Fans certainly will call a dozen more "legendary" names.

Since Call of Duty: World at War authors attracted to the development of the first magnitude stars, and is also used in games images of real historical figures. And to the author of the script right now it is much more serious. That's a new game, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, we will meet with Kit Harington ( "Game of Thrones"), which for the first time in his career will play the villain, to start a war of cosmic proportions.

Victor carved (Call of Duty: World at War)

One of the first really interesting characters was Viktor massacre, which appeared in Call of Duty: World at War. Last but not least, he is remembered thanks to the players, Gary Oldman ( "The Fifth Element", "Dracula"), was presented to the soldier his voice.

In something like a carved Price. The Soviet leader also appeared in several games in the series: defending Stalingrad and Berlin took in World at War, led a rebellion in Vorkuta in the Black Ops and helped Alex Mason in the Black Ops 2 (although the latter is the case, apparently - just a hallucination Mason).

Carved, perhaps - the most tragic hero of Call of Duty. During the siege of Stalingrad, he lost friends and family, and after the Second World was in the Gulag. According to the official version, the Soviet soldiers died trying to escape from the camp, but confirm the fact and was not

Alexey Voronin (Call of Duty)

Although treat his characters seriously creators of Call of Duty started not immediately disregard the very first part of the series we just could not. Alexey Voronin - the main character of the Soviet campaign in Call of Duty. It was he who in 1942, under the gun-fire way through Stalingrad, he's three years later found on the roof of the Reichstag Victory Banner.

About the hero, little is known. At the beginning of the war, he was an ordinary Red Army and came to Berlin, as a lieutenant of the 150th Infantry Division of the Red Army. Maybe Alex Voronin and not the main character of the original (in the first part we have played for another two heroes), but for the Russian players, he certainly - yet another reason to re-pass the very Call of Duty-of 2003.

John "Soap" Mc Tavish (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

John "Soap" Mc Tavish - the central character in the trilogy Modern Warfare. And if in the first game, he was a rookie with the "stupid name", then by the Modern Warfare 2 was promoted to the rank of captain and became the close friend of Price.

Soap was involved in all the key events of the trilogy: the US bombing prevented, he eliminated the nationalist Imran zakhayeva pulled Price from security prison and tracked down the terrorist Vladimir Makarov, massacred at the airport.

At the same time in each game Soap seriously wounded. In Modern Warfare 2, for example, he had to pull out of his own chest a rather big knife and throw it into the main villain. The third injury that Mac-Tavish was in Prague, was the last - to the hospital, John is no longer live.

Simon "Goust" Riley (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

And here's another character from Modern Warfare. The first few words Simon Riley appeared in the second part of the trilogy, and remember that the whole game was held in the mask with the image of a human skull. Goust helped protagonists during special operations and never came to the fore.

Maybe Riley would have remained another supernumerary, if not very "spectacular" death of the hero. Gousta shot dead and his body doused with gasoline and burned. And right would the character was killed by enemy hands, but he was killed by US Army General Shepard, who turned traitor.

Developers rightly reasoned that the Modern Warfare 2 Gousta paid enough attention to, and after the release of the game released a series of comic Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, dedicated to Riley.

Faithful dog
The idea of ​​a special unit of "Ghosts", which will include the most experienced operatives, has long been in the air and as a result was embodied in the Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game itself has turned on the fan, but there was a "hero", which can not be forgotten.

This German Shepherd aka Riley (after Gousta, of course), which became a symbol of the release. While some dog assignments can give orders. At such moments, Riley turns into a real killing machine: it becomes invulnerable, and single-handedly tearing teeth entire detachments of enemies. And sometimes possible to take the dog under control, through the bushes to sneak into the enemy camp and one `s teeth into the carcass of the enemy ....

Even before the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts employees of Infinity Ward studio Riley presented as one of the main pieces of the game. This approach did not go unnoticed: the forces players dog quickly became a meme.

Raul Menendez (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

A series of Call of Duty knows not only the brave heroes, but also insane villains. The latter, no doubt, can be attributed Raul Menendez, a politician from Nicaragua, the revolutionary and the founder of the organization Cordis Die, whose purpose - to destroy the capitalist superpower.

Menendez - one of the brightest characters in Call of Duty. He does not seek to kill as many civilians (like the victim, in his opinion, only the costs), but he wants to take revenge on those responsible for the death of his younger sister.

The appearance of this character in Call of Duty - not an accident. The script for Black Ops 2 wrote David Goyer ( "Blade," "The Dark Knight"), and it is necessary to thank for the character of the hero.

Jonathan Irons (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)

Gary Oldman - is not the only actor who participated in the creation of Call of Duty. For example, in Advanced Warfare main villain played by Kevin Spacey ( "LA Confidential," "House of Cards"). And I played, admittedly, great. However, this time the creators have managed without the help of Goyer, so history has lost as feed and found a few "unexpected" twists.

This, however, does not make the most of Jonathan Irons less interesting character. He - the head of a private military corporation "Atlas", one of the most powerful in the world. Initially Irons even trying to help the protagonist: it takes to work after a serious injury, gives access to the most modern weapons and implants (series to this point, finally moved into the future).

However, the pursuit of unlimited power - a feature most often inherent in it the evildoers. These are the Irons and becomes, however, to realize the dream of world domination does not have time, sginuv as the typical villain.

Salen Kotch (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare)

But Salins kotcho lake is not exchanged on the little things like world domination. His goal - space war, the capture of the Earth, other planets and the destruction of all who disagree.

Commander of the villainous organization Settlement Defense Front in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare plays Kit Harington ( "Game of Thrones", "Silent Hill 2"). About motives Admiral kotcho lake is little known, but judging by the title SDF association Salena not satisfied with the policy of the Earth in relation to the colonies. Because of what "John Snow" actually turned to the dark side of the Force and decided to unleash an intergalactic slaughter, we will know on November 4.

By the way, in the development of new game play of narrative director Taylor Kurosaki (in other words, he is responsible for the screenplay), formerly of the Naughty Dog on the series Uncharted. Given this fact, it is easy to believe that heroes and villains Infinite Warfare surprise us ... in a good way.

This is interesting: as well-known personalities, in the case of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Studio Infinity Ward has attracted to the creation of the game for at least two "stars" - a fighter of mixed martial arts Conor McGregor and British racing driver Lewis Hamilton. The first play assistant kotcho lake, and the second - an engineer aboard the space cruiser "Retribution", escaped after the attack on the SDF navy United Space Alliance.

* * *

The characters in Call of Duty a lot. Developing and creating a series of new games, the developers did not forget about their heroes. Already, there are many famous names - who knows how many of them will be in the future.

And what other character would you classify the legends Call of Duty? Write in the comments!

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