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EXCLUSIVE: Series Watch Dogs2 (PC) As far as the game world is close to reality?

The first part of Watch Dogs players more than once overheard a strange conversation, conducted spontaneous actions of charity by staging a fireworks display with the help of cash from the nearest ATM, and left the lion's share of urban areas without electricity. Even then, many have reflected on the threats posed by a global network.

Sun, but not the least realistic Watch Dogs 2 is trying to convince, that humanity in the information trap. Try to understand, so if everything is bad in our real world with you.

watch dogs 2 System Requirements

The Skeleton Key

Aidan Pierce, the protagonist of the original, one-click hacked the whole city. And all because almost all objects, whether it's a traffic light, a video camera or even a car, were tied to a citywide CtOS system. It's simple: hacked CtOS - cracked Chicago.

In reality, the masters of the world is not smart enough to trust the security of a global common system: monopoly we do not favor, and the cost of failure is too high - the slightest oversight, any hacker attack will destroy the entire information structure. "One-Touch" breaking here is not going to work: a "digital heart" of each of the electronic system to find its own approach.

Hacking hacking discord

Nevertheless all possible crack. However, something to get around, have pretty sweat, unlike the leisurely Pierce.

Often Watch Dogs hero earned a living by ripping off accounts hacked bystanders and ATMs. In reality, this trick will not work: you first need to get around the ATM alarm, then fool the network security service of the bank, and in case of failure of the autopsy - drag an ATM in the deepest wine cellar, where the satellites are not zasekut its coordinates on the GPS.

But even this does not guarantee success, because the money still need to get! One unlucky thief caught for the way he was trying to make a hole in ATM grinder. The results were disappointing: sixteen hours of wasted time, fifteen corrupted disks and only four centimeters cut through metal! Sam hacking really usually occurs with the help of the phone, which is used as a remote ATM channel commands. So without preparation business is doomed to failure.

The transport system was also vulnerable - in the game Pierce easily manage the traffic lights, trains and the bridges. Much to the chagrin, in the real world with a public cybersecurity things are much worse than the protection of paper gold. Alex Halderman, being available to an ordinary laptop and radiotransmitter, could easily control traffic lights about a hundred of Michigan. It was found that the traffic lights are working in the same frequency band as the most wireless systems - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which facilitates cracking.

In Moscow, one of the programmers of boredom uploaded several unprotected computers detected in the network, candid video. Among the "recipients" video turned out to be a street billboard: as a result, on the Garden Ring was formed decent traffic jam of drivers enthralled enthralling spectacle.

The most powerful trick in the arsenal of hacker game - short-circuiting. Even before the game was released in 2007, a group of hackers in the two days of Brazilians deprived of electricity - then pass three million people were. To rotate such an attacker need to disable multiple generators and the system will fall like a house of cards. Similarly, for the sake of experiment, curious Americans have managed to bring the 27-ton generator to self-destruct. Incidentally, the same network.

And what about the dossier on each citizen, in Watch Dogs? It may be ready files are stored in the databases of the Federal Security Service, but you can find all self - thanks geolocation features, as well as "VKontakte», Facebook and other social networks. With proper enthusiasm of even a schoolboy can dig out the whole story to the unloved teacher.

Gone in 60 seconds

Another useful trick hackers - hacking remote cars. Picks and "dancing with a tambourine" around the ignition wires are gone for a long time: now all control electronics. Cars turned into computers: Koreans are integrated into the car's Android operating system, General Motors offers features remote opening doors, turn on lights and even emergency call in case of an accident, and Google Self-Driving Car - it is generally the unmanned vehicle.

More and more machines coming out in the "online", and therefore it becomes easier to crack them. Even if the hack does not work, come to the aid of a duplicate key fob - to bring it into operation, enough to sacrifice a broken window. The only thing that now will save on cyber theft - the traditional mechanical protection on the steering wheel.

US security experts have cracked in minutes Jeep Cherokee: Machine obey every request burglars - from the radio volume control to a sudden stop. The flaw was found in the multimedia complex, and all because the vehicle safety system is usually one on the entire device: a weakly protected item endangers the whole system. The story ended with the company withdrew a half million vehicles to install the new firmware.

Who is guilty?

The game is responsible for a massive hacking assumes hacker group DedSec - fighters for freedom and privacy. They are trying to spoil the life of omniscient CtOS. In true hacker is not as noble goals.

The most famous real hacker organization - Anonymous. She has hacking Pentagon site operations against payment systems, attacks on the website of the New York Stock Exchange and unflattering remarks about Facebook and the Church of Scientology. Although the authorities managed to catch a few hackers, tens of thousands of "Anonymus" continue to challenge the world.

Lizard Squad, bring down the server, popular games, not just spoil the life of the game publishers. Another advocate kvazispravedlivosti - hacker group with the romantic name Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which is rumored to be acting in the interests of the Syrian government. In the piggy bank hacking attacks SEA - hacking pages Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as the publication of political messages on websites.

Among hackers, there were also the usual bullies - LulzSec. These guys are rather simply show off their skills to hack the most secure sites. However, disabling the CIA site - really a reason for pride. Though doubtful.


The real world is not so different from the version painted by Ubisoft, and apart from the all-seeing eye CtOS migrated to the game a lot of pleasant and familiar things. The first part of memes pop up everywhere, becoming one big Easter eggs, decoding of QR-codes was part of the job, and the Aidan not just "celebrated" at Chicago's attractions.

The hero of the second part, Marcus Holloway, has not remained aloof from the fashion trends: he prints his weapon the 3D-printer. In the real world of 3D-printer is also not uncommon.

Party time!

Among the piles of side quests in Watch Dogs is easy to find something for everyone. How about hackers in the game without the virtual games (remember the spider-destroyer) and games with augmented reality? In NVZN had to shoot a gun in the virtual alien invaders, and in Cash for Run - to hunt for coins in the most unusual places. From the bouncing Aidan looks like a complete lunatic, but it did: in the world of games such behavior - the norm.

And in Watch Dogs 2 will be set to the number of subscribers DedSec: the more followers, the more popular "hacktivists." It successfully applied to our reality: what is hiding behind a recognizable personality head of the political resistance?

In turn, the Watch Dogs 2 added quadrocopters and robots that help Marcus in his hacking antics. As soon as this is not used drones - and the pizza delivery and collection, and intelligence. Even drones conduct competitions: the players in the virtual reality glasses direct their phones on a certain route, trying to overtake an opponent. Not long ago, it held its first international race quadrocopters in Dubai with a prize fund of one million dollars. The Russians, by the way, we picked up the bronze.

And yet we are not so far removed from what shows us a series of Watch Dogs. With the exception of a pair of nuances, almost all the technology used in games, pretend to be part of the daily life of every modern man.

Meanwhile, companies specializing in information security, a good idea to learn from the mistakes of colleagues game - no one needs a global blackout or another leak sensitive information.

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