Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dwyane Wade's Five Steps to Off-Court Style

1. My Throwback Tweed Look
"To wear a gray tweed suit, you have to be mature and confident in yourself. Some people can't pull it off. My thing is that I always want to do something to pop my outfit. The sweater adds that punch of color, and the driving cap grabs attention."

• Wade swears by these body-hugging V-neck sweaters, which he layers with a suit or pulls on alone after a game.

Suit jacket, $1,795, pants, $695, sweater, $475, and shirt, $475, by Yves Saint Laurent. Tie, $185 by Gucci. Watch by Hublot. Cap by Bailey of Hollywood.

2. I'm Feeling the Double-Breasted Right Now
"I told my stylist that I wanted her to throw something different at me, and she brought me double-breasted suits. At first I wasn't feeling it, but when we went to the fashion shows in Milan, it clicked: I can rock it. You're going to see more DBs from me."

• Some guys are content to wear a suit the old-fashioned way, but Wade is all about personal touches like pocket squares and pushed-up sleeves.

Suit, $1,995, and sneakers, $495, by Yves Saint Laurent. Sweater, $735 by Gucci. Sunglasses by Salvatore Ferragamo. Pocket square by Tom Ford. Socks by Falke.

3. A Little Chest Showing
Like Brad Pitt
"If I had to wear one suit for the rest of my life, it'd be this right here. No tie gives you that suave, sexy Brad Pitt feel."

Suit, $1,295, and shirt, $195, by Emporio Armani. Belt by Louis Vuitton.

4. The Look That Says
I'm a Grown Man
"A turtleneck is about sophistication. You have to be confident to wear one, and trust me, I got this."

Sports jacket, $1,625, and turtleneck, $795, by Dolce & Gabbana. Jeans, $165 by J Brand. Loafers, $530, and bag by Gucci

5. I Can Sit Down with a CEO
"A Tom Ford three-piece makes you feel so confident, it's bananas. I can walk into a meeting with this; I can sit down with a CEO. The patterned shirt and the pocket square make people do a double take—and that's always what I'm looking for."

• A three-piece and an expensive watch make a splash, but the key to this look is the patterned shirt.

Three-piece suit, $4,370, shirt, $560, tie, $200, and pocket square, $145, by Tom Ford. Watch by Hublot.

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