Tuesday, 18 October 2011

She Loves You, She Loves You Not

Mindy Kaling
Writer-actress, The Office

Like: I have always liked the whimsical sock on the otherwise very neutrally dressed guy. I think that's great. [Bridesmaids director] Paul Feig is the master of this.

Dislike: I like reading magazine articles about this, or watching fashionable gay guys rock this look, BUT I'm not into the rolled-up jeans and loafers with no socks. Oh, and chest waxing. I know it's not fashion-related, but it's just not natural.

Hero: Franco. James Franco. I can't tell his ironic style from his Ferragamo style. I don't know when it starts and stops. Also, you know who doesn't get enough credit? Bruce Jenner. Regular dads should be aspirational toward Bruce Jenner.

Chanel Iman

Like: I'm more interested in a man's personal style than I am into the trends. Personally, I like a man with a gentlemanly quality, tailored and clean.

Dislike: Current guidos ...ewww! And any man wearing too many logos in one outfit needs help.

Hero: I like Pharrell's style. He dresses nice casually.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Jersey Shore cast member

Like: I like guys that wear low V-necks and tight shirts that show off their muscles. I like button-downs, but the two top buttons have to be unbuttoned so you can show a little chest. Or three...or all of them.

Dislike: I don't like when guys wear really tight pants. It's disgusting.

Hero: The Rock. He's a gorilla.

Laurel Pantin
Assistant Beauty Editor, Teen Vogue

Like: I like guys who look like they chop wood and eat a plate of pasta. This is so lame, but I just really like it when a guy looks like he's not trying too hard. My main advice is don't try too hard, don't get too weird, and nothing sparkly, ever.

Dislike: Tank tops. It's so creepy when it's tight in the back, I don't like it. Ill-fitting suits are horrific. I don't really like jewelry on guys and hate [points to Mark Sanchez on the September issue of GQ] tight sweaters.

Hero: Ryan Gosling. But I did see a video of him, breaking up that fight, and he's wearing a tank top. I was like, "Why are you wearing that tank top? You're so cute."

Emmanuelle Chriqui
Actress, Entourage

Like: I love great sneakers. With a suit, with a great pair of jeans, I love sneakers. It's also kind of cool and sexy to me when a guy can rock a scarf.

Dislike: A guy can wear his jeans too high or too low. There is definitely a proper way to wear your jeans. Too high is just ridiculous. And too low is just ridiculous. Guys should know this, it's a big deal.

Hero: You know who kind of rocks it? Adrien Brody. He takes cool fashion risks.

Vashtie Kola
Music video director/party promoter

Like: I love men in workwear. Like Carhartts, work shirts, and boots. I love the idea of men doing things with their hands. My father was a car mechanic. He'd come home with his boots and smell like car grease.

Dislike: Overly accessorized men. I understand fashion, but it can be a turn-off if a man puts more thought into it than I do. A guy who has the hat, and the bow-tie, and the briefcase, and the suspenders... I don't like that.

Hero: I like Steve McQueen, a lot. And Robert Redford. Kanye West has good style, as well.

Ashley Bouder
Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

Like: I really like button-up shirts with a scarf and a bowler hat. That's my favorite look. I also like sports jackets dressed down casual.

Dislike: I hate those shoes with the individual toes. I saw this good-looking guy the other day, in khakis and a nice button-up shirt. He had on those shoes—they're so ugly! I also hate when people wear skinny jeans and they're big at the top or hanging off. That's trying too hard.

Hero: Adam Levine from Maroon 5. He always looks very casual but also like he put together something. And his clothes fit him!

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