Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ten Easy Ways to Punch Up Your Style for About $50

1. Looks Can Be Deceiving
Topman, $32

Left your Bottega shades in a cab? Sat on your last three pairs of Wayfarers and can't stand to crush another $120? Problem solved.

Shirt, $225, by Thom Browne. Tie, $95, by Ralph Lauren Black Label.

2. Steal this Belt
J.Crew, $50

Actually, it's so cheap you don't need to. Work it into a Sticky Fingers homage or wear it as it was intended, with a suit—this leather belt with a steel slide buckle goes with anything.

Jeans, $660, by Doir Homme. Jacket, $2,595, by Dolce & Gabbana.

3. A Little Rat Pack, Very Right-Now
Calvin Klein X, $50

We're not saying that you need a tumbler of scotch in one hand and a Montecristo in the other to pull off this tie. But it wouldn't hurt.

Shirt, $225, by Lorenzini. Suit, $2,650, by Gucci. Pocket Square, by Paul Stuart.

4. The Johnny Cash of Timepieces
Nixon, $59

The all-black watch shows no signs of going out of style, so consider this Nixon the way to get in the game without dropping twelve large for a blacked-out Bamford Rolex.

Shorts, $215, by Orlebar Brown. Shirt, $68, by J.Crew, Braclet, by Miansai by Michael Andrew Saiger.

5. Straight to the Pros
21 Men, $34

Last year was all about the varsity jacket, but 2011 will be the year of its big-league brother, the baseball jacket. Which we may or may not have mentioned before. In the January issue. On page 60. (But that one cost $1,500.)

T-Shirt, $65, by Spurr. Jeans, $240, by Acne. Watch, by Jaeger-Lecoultre. Sunglasses, by Persol.

6. A Jacket Worth Saluting
Converse One Star at Target, $40

Every man should have a field jacket in his arsenal—specially one that fits like it's been tailored rather than like it was stolen from a napping Vietnam vet.

T-shirt, $160, by Balmain Homme. Chinos, $49, by Dockers. Belt, by Marc Jacobs. Watch, by IWC. Sunglasses, by Mascot. Necklace, by Tiffany & Co

7. Man Jewlery That Doesn't Bling
All Saints, $40

If the whole point of a dog tag is to butch up an outfit, it stands to reason that a little wear (and a foldout bottle opener) will peg the badass meter even more than the shiny versions from Roberto Cavalli or Tiffany.

Polo shirt, $540, by Bottega Veneta.

8. Your Collar Needs a Shrink
Uniqlo +J, $50

Now that you've joined the skinny-tie revolution, invest in a few shrunken-collar shirts. Unless you like the whole tiny-knot-in-a-gaping-hole look.

Tie, $180, by Dior Homme.

9. Nantucket Punk
H&M, $25

Imagine if Biff from the yacht club started listening to the Ramones on repeat and you've got the idea behind these black canvas deck shoes.

Cords, $495, by Gucci.

10. The (Not Really) Prada Cardigan
BDG at Urban Outfitters, $39

We're jealous of anyone who can drop $2,000 on a plush Italian-made cardigan. We'd just have a hard time telling it apart from this Urban Outfitters version.

Shirt, $325, by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Tie, $175, by Dolce & Gabbana. Pants, $590, by Dior Homme. Watch, by Omega. Fedora, by Express.

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