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Ansel Elgort in What to Wear Next: Fall Fashion Preview 2014

Fashion's always a beat ahead, so get a jump on your near future now. The idea this fall is to buy six old-school statement pieces and youth-anize them by wearing them in a new-school way. Here, The Fault in Our Stars lead Ansel Elgort shows us the shape of the season ahead

The Natural

Some Young Hollywood Heartthrobs come out of nowhere and end up with everything. Ansel Elgort isn't one of those guys. In fact, he's already got all the goods you'd expect from a natural born YHH. The absurd handsomeness. (His pouty, knowing smile makes you want in on the joke.) The famously creative parents. (His father is a Vogue fashion photographer, his mom's an opera director.) And the ability to, you know, act. (He made his Off Broadway debut as a senior in high school.) His cool-guy name alone—after photographer Ansel Adams—deserves Tumblr fan sites. And if his ascent to stardom were summed up by a hashtag, it'd be #WokeUpLikeThis.

It makes sense, then, that the 20-year-old was tapped to star in two of the year's biggest YA-novel-inspired blockbusters: spring's box-office- shattering Divergent and this summer's tearstained, cancer-stricken-teens-in-love story, The Fault in Our Stars, (Not to mention, the lead in Van Cliburn.)  As Augustus, the smooth-talking boyfriend of Shailene Woodley's Hazel—"full of himself, but in an endearing way," Elgort says—he'll reduce even the most beer-can-crushingest bros to tears. "Anytime a movie makes someone cry," he says, "it's usually a good thing." (Future cues to be taken from Ryan Gosling post-The Notebook.)

The key to nailing the tearjerker scenes, he explains, is just "tricking your mind into really believing—I'm helpless, I have no value anymore… It's really good therapy." A sensible, if grim, exercise with some humbling aftereffects. "I thought about how much cooler and, like, better a person Augustus is than Ansel," Elgort says. "He's this perfect guy. And I was like, Ansel kind of sucks." Makes us wanna cry.

Sweater: $1395, polo shirt: $325, pants: $575, boots: $954 by Calvin Klein Collection

No. 1
Get Yourself: a retro checked suit.
Wear It: with a simple sweater, instead of the usual shirt-and-tie getup.

A dandy would wear this suit with all the fixings—and need an hour to get out the door. This fall, take the same suit, but just Wear It with a sweater. You'll be gone in no time flat.

Suit, $2,312 by Etro
Turtleneck, $720 by Gucci
Bag, 1,560 by Louis Vuitton
Watch by Cartier

No. 2

Get Yourself: a dressy blue blazer.
Wear It: with a disheveled open-collar shirt.

With its sharkskin sheen, this jacket is way formal. But don't double down on all that classiness—undermine it. The result is younger, fresher, cooler.

Blazer, $1,450 by Prada
Shirt, $980 by Prada
Pants, $1,240 by Prada
Shoes, $695 by Burberry Prorsum

No. 3

Get Yourself: a big ol' Clint Eastwood shearling.
Wear It: more like Bradley Cooper (or Ansel Elgort here).

Are you starting to get the hang of the fall formula? These big statement pieces simply don't need all the traditional trappings anymore—the plaid shirt, the faded Wranglers, the cowboy boots. The modern thing is to run the other way. In this case, that means dark pants and a tee.

Jacket, $4,895 by Burberry Prorsum
Pants, $795 by Burberry Prorsum
T-shirt, $25 by Armani Exchange
Necklace by David Yurman

No. 4

Get Yourself: a gray flannel suit.
Wear It: with a hoodie and sneakers.

Here's an idea: Go on Google Images and type in "Cary Grant 1959." Then type in "Kanye West 2014." Then make sure everything you wear this fall draws from both of them equally.

Suit, $1,650 by Polo Ralph Lauren
Hoodie: $125, shirt: $98, tie: $125 by Polo Ralph Lauren
Sneakers, $60 by Converse

No. 5

Get Yourself: an old-school toggle coat in a primary color.
Wear It: with futuristic boots and an "air tie."

We're going to spare you the history of the duffel coat—British navy blah blah blah. You want to Wear It like you're from 2024, not 1914, and nothing looks more futuristic than spit-polished boots and an air tie. (That thing where you button your shirt all the way up and skip the tie, à la David Lynch.)

Coat, $3,800 by Dior Homme
Sweater: $1,400, shirt: $600, pants: $850, boots: $1,500 by Dior Homme
No. 6

Get Yourself: an argyle sweater-vest.
Wear It: like a punk, not a prepster.

Trust the dark lord of all things rock 'n' roll, Hedi Slimane, to find a way to make a sweater-vest look punk. We'll say it again: The key pieces this fall are all familiar, but the way you style them up? That's totally new.

Sweater-vest, $725 by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane
Shirt: $950, tie: $245, jacket: $6,350, jeans: $475, belt: $445, boots: $1,145 by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

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