Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Our 8 Favorite Sochi 2014 Olympics Crushes

In the most intensely scrutinized, Internet-y Olympics ever, the female athletes of these Olympics aren't just a bunch of pretty faces: They're also expressive, GIF-able faces. And dancers. And good old-fashioned Olympic ass-kickers. Here are our faves through the week of competition thus far.
Ashley Wagner
From her sultry, bravado-filled performances, to her insta-meme "Bullshit" moment after a disappointing score in the women's short program, Wagner is running away with the McKayla Maroney award for the Internet's favorite Olympian. Girl's got more flair than a Chotchkie's employee of the month.
Julia Mancuso
The lucky underwear paid off: The alpine skier won bronze in her third Olympics, making her the most decorated American female alpine skier ever. Julia 4, Lindsay Vonn 2. Sure they're not keeping score, though.
Jackie Chamoun
We're not opposed to a sexy photo shoot or eighty here at GQ, but Chamoun's is less notable for the shoot itself than what happened after: After a behind-the-scenes video showed more risque angles of her topless body than the tastefully obscured originals, the conservative Lebanese government denounced the whole thing, even calling for an IOC investigation just days before the game. The reaction online was predictably swift and endearingly unanimous, with many taking part in a #StripforJackie campaign, calling out Lebanon for such puritan moralizing in the face of violence and conflict at home.

Here's hoping Jackie goes on to put in a solid showing in Sochi2014 — there'd be no hubbub, after all, if she weren't a world-class athlete, there simply to do her job.
Erin Hamlin
They say that in luge, the real winner is whoever finishes first behind the Germans—and in that case, Erin Hamlin's the champion of the Olympics so far. Her bronze in singles luge was the first medal for an American, man or woman, in the event. Well deserved, since she's been training for quite a while.
Jamie Anderson
She won gold in women's slopestyle, and might've also met a cutie or two; the American snowboarder told Us Weekly that the level of Tinder use in the Olympic Village is "next level," and that she had to delete her account to focus on the competition. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go work out. Maybe get some snowboarding in?
Kate Hansen
The American luger is just the latest athlete to capture the world's attention with an endearing pregame warm-up, a pop-and-lock dance routine that's only objectionable if you are absolutely no fun at all. So like with Anastasia Ashley and Michelle Jenneke before her, we're totally behind this.
Dominique Gisin and Tina Maze
The Swiss and Slovenian skiers raced to just a rare tie (or close enough, anyway) in the women's downhill, covering just under two miles of mountain in 1 minute and 41.57 seconds. Where did that extra gold medal come from, anyway? Easy: Sochi organizers are prepared with forty-six extras.

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