Monday, 19 August 2013

The Week in Style: 8.16.13

Aaron Paul having a really good time in Hollywood, California
If you're still profiling popped-collar guys as dickbags, let this photo of Aaron Paul put you in your place
Anthony Weiner in NYC
Orange pants are a bad way to draw attention to places that are not your crotch.
Zachary Quinto in Tokyo
The only thing we'd do differently is take off about five bracelets. That's it.
Liam Hemsworth in Los Angeles
If this were a text, it would just read eight thumbs up emoji and that one with the Edvard Munch face.

Josh Hutcherson in Los Angeles
Nice to see a guy in one tattoo and something besides a leather jacket while riding a motorcycle. It's the perfect example of how restrained Hutcherson is when he's giving badass vibes.

J.J. Abrams, Zachary Quinto, Alice Eve and Chris Pine in Tokyo
This reads left to right like a How-To suiting guide organized from Puritanically Traditional to Human Peacock. Take note of all the perfect fits, patterns, and confidence levels.
John Oliver in NYC
We'd comment on Oliver's always-impeccable style but he's standing in front of the most color-coordinated photobomber in Week in Style history
Penn Badgley in NYC
Is it possible that Penn is as good at nailing heel flips as he is the skater boy look? We have doubts because everything down to the dress socks and sneakers is one hundred authentic.
James Franco in NYC
Meanwhile, Franco is trolling Gotham's book-lovers in their own uniform: frumpy Goodwill cardigans worn with an air of intellectual superiority.
The Jonas Brothers in Los Angeles
Three brothers, united by excellent fall-weight jackets in the summer.

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