Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Style Report: The MTV Movie Awards

Eddie Redmayne
Gosling better start checking his rearview mirror, because Redmayne is coming up fast in the leading-man style lane. The actor knows how to kill it when it comes to black tie, and proves here he can handle the off-duty stuff equally with ease.
The good? Macklemore knows how a suit fits, and that cobalt tux is pretty sharp. The bad? Wearing Liberace's skeet blanket over it.
Paul Feig
We never thought we'd say this, but someone actually showed up overdressed to an MTV awards show.
Tom Hiddleston

Hiddleston doesn't get the credit he deserves for dressing like an A-lister every time he sets foot in an awards show (even one with a category titled "shirtless"). The cut of his slim peak-lapel suit is mean, and we're into the actor's elongated gingham-patterned tie.
Joss Whedon
We're all for not letting fame go to your head, but a visit to your closet wouldn't hurt.
Alan Ritchson
Ritchson's look is either everything that was clean that day, or a menswear mullet: Savile Row up top, workwear down below.
Snoop Lion
Admit it, anything less and you'd be disappointed.
Avan Jogia
This kid's got some balls when it comes to pattern and color mixing, and were it not for those massive '70s-era lapels, we'd be on board.
Zachary Quinto
Someone tell Pattinson to send Quinto here his Colored Suit Club welcome packet.
Steve Carrell
Remember when Ryan Gosling gave you that upgrade in Crazy. Stupid. Love? Yeah, you should rewatch that. 
Bradley Cooper and Logan Lerman
Two men, one essential baseball jacket style. Cop one ASAP.
Vinny Guadagnino
We love Burberry as much as the next guy, but when your stripes look like a pleated tuxedo shirt, it's time to put the plaid away. 
Chris Pine
Pine manages to pull off looking dressed up and laid back at the same time, thanks to a lightweight button-down paired with trim trousers and sockless oxfords.
Jamie Foxx
Jamie, we love you, man, but you've got more than a T-shirt and jeans in you, don't you? Even if it is MTV.
Brad Pitt
Pitt, on his way back from auditioning for the Black Crowes. Not that that's a bad thing.
Will Ferrell
We love a good three-piece suit, and especially one that allows you to make it rain on yourself all day long.
Skylar Astin
There are plenty of ways to dress down a tux, but leaving only the bow tie behind is not one of them. Fit-wise, though, Astin's tux is damn near impeccable.

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