Monday, 10 December 2012


We're just gonna say it: You absolutely must have tweed in your wardrobe this winter, and you don't need to own a pipe or an Irish castle to make it work. To prove how much the once fusty fabric has evolved, we took Jack Huston—star of Boardwalk Empire and the grandson of John Huston—to Dublin, where the streets are paved with tweed
 Runs in the Family
To play Richard Harrow, a maimed vet turned soft-spoken killing machine on HBO's Boardwalk Empire, Jack Huston shares a disability with his subject: He must act with a tin shell covering half his face, the side blown to bits during World War I. "Most people wear a mask to hide. I put one on to be recognized," says the actor, who despite the haunting handicap manages to steal every scene he's in. Huston shrugs off the relative anonymity; he has a fondness for disappearing. At 14, he ditched boarding school. "I was just done," says the actor, now 29
"I taxied to my gran's and never went back." She wasn't shocked; headstrong runs in the family: Grandpa is iconic film director John, Anjelica his "cool as shit" aunt, and actor Danny his uncle. "If there's one thing my family taught me, it's how to spot bullshit," says Huston—including in himself. At the callback for his role as a '60s rocker in December's Not Fade Away, David Chase's first post-Sopranos project, "I knew I blew it," he says. "I'm notorious for either being at my best or blowing up completely. David said, You're right, that was fucking terrible.' " Give Huston props for tenacity, though: He nailed it six auditions later.

Old-World Fabric, New-World Look
Forget the crusty stuff in thrift-store bins. Tweed has evolved. Designers have modernized the cut so your boots and skinny pants fit right in.
Your Word of the Day: Donegal
Learn it, because you're going to be seeing a lot of this traditional Irish tweed, now livelied up with flecks of bright color.
Donegal, Part Two:
New rule: Go ahead and mix tweeds. Just make sure they contrast, like this Donegal cardigan and subtler pant.
James Joyce Didn't Have It This Good
Back in his day, tweeds scratched like hell. But today's designers work with softer fabrics, which makes it easy to wear this double-breasted suit like a champ.
Are You Beginning to See the Light?
If not, this coat with poppable peak lapels should do the trick. Wear it daily; tweed gets better with age.
This Is Not a Costume Drama
To avoid looking like a Boardwalk Empire extra, nail the fit. Look to your left: Your vest hugs your torso; your topcoat falls above your knees; your suit jacket hits just below your hips. That's how tweed's done in 2012.

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