Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Week in Style: 11.16.12

Two great cardigans, one epic mustache, and a bunch of Twilight guys whose names we often forget

Adrien Brody and Lara Lieto in Rome
We know this is besides the point, and that we're not the Cut and we shouldn't try to be, but look, Bro(dy): When your date shows up in a dress made out of crumpled-up toilet paper, you've gotta put your foot down. But carefully, or you'll be walking around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
Chris Brown in Los Angeles
What is this, irony? Get a job, clown.
Ashton Kutcher in Beverly Hills, California
We're posting a rare vote of confidence for utter sartorial discord just because we dig Ashton's slouchy, color-blocky cardigan. Sure, it's paired with all sorts of random shit, but we'll take it anyway. Somebody put this under the Week In Style Christmas tree.

John Mayer in Los Angeles
Speaking of sartorial discord, John's outfit appears to be a Best Hits collection of random, unrelated items. The metallic backpack and cowboy hat put it all over the edge—is he trolling us?
 Jude Law in Rome
Now THAT is a mustache. All y'all sorry-ass Movemberers can go on home.
Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles
There are no words. They should have sent a poet.
Kellan Lutz in Los Angeles
Is having a tie bar that's way too wide for your tie an ode to something your character does in Twilight? Because if it's not, this is just inexcusable. You color-coordinated your outfit with your date, but she couldn't help you out by telling you that thing's ruining your look?
 Adam Levine in Beverly Hills, California
Another amazing cardigan, but paired—like a pro—with dark standards. Adam, you should sit down with Ashton for an afternoon, show him how the cardigan game works. He's eager and young and he really, really wants to make it work.
Bradley Cooper in NYC
Pros: great shadow-plaid suit. Cons: weird, overeager selfie with a fan. Don't give it all away, man. Make them want it
Antonio Banderas in Beverly Hills, California
We're going to need to see a note from your chiropractor for those shoes to escape judgment. Send it whenever.
Javier Bardem in Hollywood, California
Javier, you can do no wrong.
Russell Brand in Los Angeles
Russell, baby, somehow you do nothing but wrong.

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