Thursday, 4 October 2012

Beer Pairing is the New Wine Pairing

"Garçon, Which Pilsner Pairs Best With My Braised Ribs?"

 Ordering a beer in a Michelin three-star restaurant was once about as welcome as asking for your filet mignon to be cooked well-done—a guarantee that you'd earn immediate rube status from your waiter. But some of the country's best restaurants are finally starting to pay as much attention to their beer menus as they do their wine cellars.

Eleven Madison Park
New York City

Right now, no one's doing it better than New York City's Eleven Madison Park, home of the reigning James Beard Foundation chef of the year, Daniel Humm. Last year he commissioned a series of incredible barrel-aged brews from Brooklyn Brewery made specifically for the restaurant, then threw a sold-out tasting-menu feast to kick off its newfound love of malt and hops. Fortunately, Eleven Madison Park isn't the only gastro temple that's started putting beer on a silver platter
The Publican

Haute-hippie cuisine paired with rarities from Belgium, England, and the U.S.

The Publican's house-blended Belgian beer, Lambic Doux
The Slanted Door
San Francisco

For dessert get Brouwerij De Ryck's melon-and-apricot-laden Arend Tripel ale, imported from Belgium and aged on the Bay.

The NoMad
New York City

Brooklyn Brewery specially created NoMad Le Poulet to be paired with the whole roast chicken with black truffles and foie gras. 

Alla Spina

The bar snacks come from the mind of arguably America's best Italian chef, Marc Vetri. Try the addictive poutine with guinea-hen-leg bolognese, and wash it down with the Piccolo saison from Liguria, aged in Chardonnay barrels for a vinous kick

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